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Football has been rife with backhanders, bungs and various other fiddles ever since it became big money. The root cause of it is that it is simply awash with cash – far in excess of its proper value. The people to blame for this are those who are, for some reason I have never managed to grasp, obsessed by it and will pay vast sums to sit out in the open during the winter to watch it or pay equally vast sums to have it broadcast onto their TVs.

Quite honestly those fans get the product they deserve, administered and involving the people who infest it. If they want to bung each other money to “buy and sell” players (which in any other sphere would be castigated) then good luck to them. Whilst there could be a case for checking those people’s sanity, the last thing the police need is to get involved with their ridiculous shenanigans which are undertaken willingly by consenting adults. After all, there’s plenty of speeding motorists who need catching. :-)

What a complete waste of Police time and public money that would be.
FIFA, UEFA, FA, these are the people who should police the game.

There are 265 million people registered as footballers around the world, the game is a lot more than the premier league.
"FIFA, ....these are the people who should police the game. "

Yeah, right !!!!!
lol, i am aware that FIFA have a lot of work to do but it is their job.

There have been many criminal investigations into practises in English football. Almost always these turn out to be costly and complete failures.
The most notable in recent times was the prosecution of Harry Rednapp. After a costly trial, he and his co-accused were acquitted.
Most football supporters are aware of the corruption in football, I'm unsure as to what the answer is to stamp it out, but with the police stretched as it is, I don't think that is the right way to go. I think that newjudge always got picked last whilst at school hence is lack of understanding and passion for the game.
I don't think they need a probe, it's will known to be riddled from top to bottom. It'd be like poking a stick into a barrel of dung, you know that wherever you poke the stick it will come out covered in ***!
It would be like cleaning the Augean Stables !

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Is A Police Probe Into Football Corruption, Long Overdue?

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