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They Should Have Listened To Nigel Farage.

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anotheoldgit | 09:47 Wed 12th Oct 2016 | News
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Nigel Farge was heavily criticised for daring to claim that foreigners with HIV were costing the health service up to £25,000 per year per patient, saying that he was scaremongering and that he should be ashamed of himself.


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I repeat, I DID NOT MENTION TRUMP !! Stop trying to browbeat me.
I am not browbeating you HereIam ! You don't have to answer my question if you can't or don't do so.
Mikey, I'll answer your question. Support or otherwise isn't the issue. Farage is telling the truth. When men get together some do talk like that - likewise some women - but all this was discussed ad infinitum on the other thread. Didn't you read it - or do you just want to keep going over old ground?
Many years ago I worked in an open plan office with about a dozen females of various ages , a screen was placed in front of my desk and the women seemed to forget I was there. Some of the things they spoke about should not have been discussed in earshot of a 20 year old male.
I have never been in a male locker room.
Is this the only issue N.F was right about?
Post 2 ... is that a record?

HereIam....Farage has defended Trump. for his disgusting remarks about women.....I, unlike you and most other people, have no intention of admiring him for why do you ?

Most other people admire Trump for his disgusting remarks about women?

Do you ever read back on what you are about to submit , mikey?
I thought I would have a look in on the thread and guess what? Mikey is "trumpeting" again. Perhaps the fact that they get free treatment and the child is born in the UK has a bearing. (carefully chosen last word)

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They Should Have Listened To Nigel Farage.

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