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Four More Bank Holidays

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AB Editor | 14:31 Mon 24th Apr 2017 | News
43 Answers

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Would you like 4 more bank holidays a year?

  • No - 127 votes
  • 65%
  • Yes - 68 votes
  • 35%

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I'd rather have just one in May and another in October.

It's a long stretch from August to Christmas.
Not if it means Jeremy Corbyn being elected!!
Question Author
I think this is the closest the Labour Party has had to a populist policy for a long time!
It's only ONE holiday for each country on the Saint's day.
St George for England, St Andrew for Scotland , St Patrick for NI and St David's day for Wales
Hmmmm! If that's all he can come up with I think I'll pass. Perhaps it may swing some people but I hope most people are more savvy than that, but who knows.
St Patrick's day is already a Public Holiday in Northern Ireland!
If that's the best they can do, I am guessing Mrs May will be quaking in her Jimmy Choos.
So if Eddie is correct that would mean one on 1st May, one at the end of May and one on 23rd April - all too close together. Eccles is right one sometime in October would be better if there is to be another one. Another ill thought out scheme.
Northern Ireland will not get an extra one then, I thought it was only the Irish Republic who had St Paddy's day .The artical in the newspapers definitely said Holidays on each country's Saints day.
//Another ill thought out scheme. //

Or to put it another way, sheer desperation!
Not bothered, every day's a holiday since I retired !
wow - what an earth-shattering policy announcement.

I loved the News quiz on Friday night, the question being what the other leaders thought when TM announced the election. As for JC, 'he's like a dog at the vet's waiting for the needle. He forgets that we can go down to Battersea and chose another.'
Margo Tester, it is just the one extra holiday on your country's Saints day, not 4 extra holidays for the whole of the UK.
England's extra day would have been yesterday St George's day , but England would not get holidays on Saint Andrews, Patrick, or David's days
Eddie, it's 4 Uk wide extra bank holidays.
It will cost the economy billions sense of realism proven.

Eddie, accord to the link, *four new UK-wide bank holidays*, we're all gonna get them

///Jeremy Corbyn has announced a Labour government would seek to create four new UK-wide bank holidays to honour each of the patron saints as the UK has smallest number in Western Europe.
The Labour leader said the move would bring together England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, while giving workers a well-deserved break.///

JC to add diwali, eid & a week for mecca while we all live on chappatis and dahl from lack of work income.
I might were I still employed; as it is it'd just mean more days where everywhere, including the roads, are overcrowded, and consequently I don't wish to go anywhere.
Love Margo's post.

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Four More Bank Holidays

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