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Time To Reign In Social Media?

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youngmafbog | 13:22 Mon 13th May 2019 | News
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Today it seems too easy to trash someones life over nothing and in some cases it is just that lies and rumour, now we have potentially malicious rumours that could cause a run on a Bank. We have also seen people die becasue of social media content.

Is it time to make the Social media companies responsible, not just for removing content but providing proof of who posted it?

Then those responsible should be prosecuted.

It has to get to that point as some time as people are just not responsible but when will enough be enough?


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All things considered I'd prefer it was reined in if anything.
You're a strange conservative, ymb. Lefty is censoring the internet now. And aims to censor even further using any excuse.
" your a strange Conservative ymb" To be honest I thought all Conservatives were Strange ,
I have no issues with it, I simply don’t use or look at any of it except AB.
I think some kind of action is inevitable. As with most things in life, it's the rsouls that don't know how to behave that spoil it for everyone else.
You aren’t wrong there Ludwig.
Always the few make it bad for the many! Social media especially Facebook can be a boon at times. Tracing people, catching up with people from yrs ago.... Finding lost animals and lots of other things.

I don't see the ultimate answer, no doubt it will be a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Humans are their own worst enemy and now with carte Blanche to hassle, annoy and remain anonymous on line, it seems there's no end to the abuse just because 'people can'. Please read 'S. C. U. M' can.
People refer to the AB as 'social media', but it was actually here in the year 2000, when 'social media' was virtually unknown.

That's why I post under my own name - in those days, everyone did, because other names simply weren't thought of.

I do think that social media has a serious downside, the ability of any idiot with a keyboard to spread malice and gossip in an instant, which can only ever be a bad thing.

In Lous Theroux's recent documentary about the lawlessness of Milwaukee in the US blame for fatal shootings was being placed on personal slights being placed on social media leading to retaliation and revenge in the form of murder.
I can't believe all you sheeple sleepwalking into 1984. Of course, some of you are Lefties who think you'll like it there.
Anyway, apart from that, since when has Whatsapp been social media? It's a private, free, messaging service. You may as well demand a clampdown on people ringing each other or chatting when they meet.
The DM originally illustrated this story with pictures of the Christmas rush. (complete with Christmas trees, lol)
As for this unnamed bank 'spokesman' telling The Guardian 'Tell our customers not to worry. We're trying to raise £350m and if we get it we'll be safe. Anyway they'll get up to £85,000 off the Government if we do go bust' Lol.
Instead of 'cracking down' on social media, we should crack down on lying 'journalists' and the filthy rags that employ them.
Social media companies should be held responsible for illegal content that they haven't removed. Otherwise, it is just a platform and blaming them for what strangers say, makes as much sense as suing a paper manufacturer because someone has sent a nasty letter.
Question Author
"You're a strange conservative, ymb" Well yes, becasue I am not one. Tore up my card and joined the Brexit Party. Can never see myself ever going back at the minute.

While I appreciate where you are coming from I'm not sure you get where I am. I am not saying censor the internet at all, just make people responsible for what they write, as they would be in any other form of media.

With Metro, this whatsapp message could easily be put out by a competitor as Industrial sabotage - it does happen you know.

As for your dig at raising £350m, that really is peanuts. You clearly dont know much about Banking so maybe make yourself a bit more aware or not post things that appear a bit daft to those that do?

WhatsApp is a social media platform. It is owned by Facebook, and it can be used as media for socialising.

That’s literally what social media means.

YMB - no. It’s not time for social media companies to provide proof of who posted material, because it would mean Government control over these platforms, which would mean agreeing to controls which stay, China already has in place. And you really don’t want to start down that road.

These are global platforms. If protocols were put in place to mandate that users’ information was available to government and police, then there would be some states where open discussion would be curtailed.

Let’s say in this case everyone who forwarded the message were to have their identities uploaded to the police. Then what? Would everyone be liable for criminal charges? Who would be responsible for verifying whether the veracity of the story? What if it were partially true? What if the story came from a ‘trusted source’? There is so much misinformation in the press nowadays, that it would be easy to pass on a story which was in fact untrue.

Furthermore, would this result in a criminal prosecution or a civil case?

It would be an almighty mess.
Question Author//"You're a strange conservative, ymb" Well yes, becasue I am not one. Tore up my card and joined the Brexit Party. Can never see myself ever going back at the minute.//

'conservatives' with a small C are deserting the Conservative Party in droves because they mean 2 different things and the latter are no longer the former.
If & when the Brexit Party put out a manifesto, I think it's pretty good bet that more social media censorship will not feature, less might.
sp1814 Spicerack

//WhatsApp is a social media platform. //

It's a private messaging service. I can't read what you're saying, you can't read what I'm saying. (unless, in some mad parallel world, we had each others phone numbers)
AS I say, you may as well try to crack down on telephone calls or conversation.
///As for your dig at raising £350m, that really is peanuts. You clearly dont know much about Banking so maybe make yourself a bit more aware or not post things that appear a bit daft to those that do?//

Calm down, Warburg.
I couldn't care less if it was £3.50 or £350b. The reason I mentioned it was because that alleged conversation with a Guardian 'journalist' did not take place.
if they crack down on What's App how am I ever going to become an Israeli spy?
I don't even reign here, let alone in social media.
Hmmm didn't King Canute tell the tide to go back. Controlling folk on social media must be a similar experience, but less wet.
//It's a private messaging service.//

But you can also post to / as groups, so it also carries risks such as cyberbullying as other social media
Social Media had been a platform to promote a product and service. Several customers are turning towards social media to express the appreciation and frustration with the brand and their after-sales-service. It is now not an option for micro business but also to large scale businesses. However several business owners still think that having social media won't benefit their business. Unfortunately, they have no idea how social media platform works for their business.
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Time To Reign In Social Media?

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