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Trump Calls Off Brexit Shock ( Spoiler )

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Peter Pedant | 00:28 Wed 10th Jul 2019 | News
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It was reported tonight that President Trump having displaced prime minister May in Downing St, that his first act was to withdraw Article 50 effectively scrapping Brexit with immediate effect.

After being presented with the seals of office ( I have got more money than she has, and I should be employing HER - he tweeted), he referred to Her Majesty as 'more useless than his own grandmother - and that was saying something ...)

well OK I made that bit up
in view of the dead cat theory - he attacked Sir Kim to deflect attention from domestic issues, he was been wrong footed over his support over a paedophile who was pleaded guilty to child abuse
Jeffrey Epstein
He has pledged to look into the handling of a previous case and conviction ten years ago

but that isnt what presidents do is it? order investigations into old cold cases. Not his job at all


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The apologist for the Salafist mosque and its refugee Libyan worshippers who gave us the Manchester Arena bomber ("diversity is our strength") is now attacking Trump for hypocrisy for "his support over a paedophile who was pleaded guilty to child abuse".

I thionk Pet is well aware of paedophilia far closer to home. Although it's not the kind od thing and Petophiles choose to speak about.

... not the kind of thing Pet and Petophiles....l
You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear. It’s all about interpretation.
//It’s all about interpretation//
especially when it's a PP thread ...

-- answer removed --
TTT, he hasn't posted since 3rd June.
Treat others as you would like to be treated and respect other people’s opinions. Discussions can get passionate but users should moderate their language and refrain from personal attacks and profanity. We encourage lively debate but name calling, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

ToraToraTora, please can you refrain from using the acronym "TOVI" when referring to other members of The AnswerBank.
Fair enough Ed, I would ask you to be fair then, PP seems to be allowed to post any drivel, the rest of us, not so.
PP uses that term quite a lot and it gets to stay!
If you are unable to calmly challenge what Peter says in an adult way, perhaps it's best left alone rather than slinging insults.
Peter started using the acronym when TTT began to use it against him.
TTT, "drivel" is different from the bullying, juvenile use of an abusive term for another AB member and I am sure you are well aware of that fact.
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Most of PP's posts are unreadable anyway. I use acronyms, yes, but interspersed with decipherable English. PP may well be off the pace a little and I would respect that normally but he rarely gets censored, that just makes me think he's in some way exempt.
As per the SPARE ED's previous post, use the "Report" facility.
Question Author
Jeffrey Epstein
TWO presidents have run for cover - Trump and Kisser Clinton

randy Andie had to run home to Mummy ( Prince Andrew was forced to cut short a holiday in the Land of the Free to minimise adverse publicitiy)

free-tee is (three tee - TTT) in an essex accent - didnt anyone realise that, considering his posts are laced with Essex brogue ? however I appreciate posts that I have unfairly and quite wrongly drawn her maj into a public debate and I need not have done so

but thank you everyone for informative posts
there are no matters arising are there
(that we can talk about - down boy! hur hur hur)

oh a further question
"the dead cat theory"
was the dead cat - Humphrey the downing st cat of which Shree Blair was said to have said - "I want it dead"
I thought Tony B called a press conference to deny it
but there wasnt a confected crisis made up to take the heat off Shree and Humpers - or was there?

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Trump Calls Off Brexit Shock ( Spoiler )

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