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anotheoldgit | 20:56 Thu 28th Nov 2019 | News
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Why are the TV companies choosing female interviewers.


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To please idiots. A certain ABer thinks young ,attractive,females are world leaders. :-(
Because women are more insightful, empathic, even detecting the slightest whiff of fear.
Because they’re pandering.
That as well naomi.
I know, who' going to cook the tea and put the children to bed?
I don't think andrew neil is female
Plus women are in the majority (in england at least)
Why the hell does it matter?
naomi has nailed it. The sort of leaders we have really do think instinctively that women are soft touches. I knew a 5'2" blonde in very high heels and tight skirt, who stripped a bullying firm and sorted them out properly in court. Mostly, females are non-combative. I'm one, but if pushed I will stand my ground. Female interviewers don't get there these days unless they are tough - but the chaps haven't quite caught onto it yet. It won't be so much fun in future when they do catch on. :(
Is Andrew Neil identifying as a woman now?
Possibly Z-M :)
Andrew Neil most definitely not a woman, he is a bulldog out for blood.
Emmie, you get girl Bulldogs. They are all Bitches.

I wonder if the last word, above, will be starred out.

no it wasn't, get your point....
Why shouldn't they?
Does someone have a problem with female interviewers?
not me..
I dont think they are AOG, but even if it was true, if they are best for the job who cares?
Maybe they're using strong, female interviewers order to intimidate Boris. Little did they know that BoJo had a cunning plan to counter that: Not showing up.
Mozz71, what an interesting comment.

I would appreciate it if you took a look at the tail of this thread. - 15:22 Thu 28th

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