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not necessarily due to lax immigration, though to be fair it is somewhat lax, but it seems many of these scumbags are home grown.
i can't read the mail link, but the killings in London seem to be on the increase, and the perpetrators are getting younger, gang, drug related, perhaps.
There is only one government in power to have control over these things and they're failing to provide.

Crime up
Police numbers down

You know who's to blame.
let us see if Boris does get in he can actually do something about things that matter to us all.
What do you mean "if Boris does get in"?

Boris is or current PM and all he has focused on is brexit. Brexit is not the be all and end all of UK politics.
but we can't get anything done without that being sorted out, at least he is trying.

But Brexit needs to be sorted, it has gone on for far too long.
Backwards culture doesn't help create individuals with a modern moral outlook. That doesn't mean all offenders are from the same culture groups but that there will be greater number of examples in some.

Lax immigration doesn't help, but can one spot those with no ability to shift to the culture of the country they're joining anyway ? Can one reject folk based on a tick sheet from asking questions about their moral outlook ? And those born here but in less enlightened families are likely to be an issue anyway.

One can only try to encourage folk to live morally and hope poor behaviour dies out, or at least reduces over the generations. And try to detect where it's occurring now, and stamp down on it.
Brexit is the be all and end all of this coming UK election due to the undemocrats thwarting and delaying it so far. Other issues can be considered at the next election.
"without that being sorted out"

That's the impression they want to give off, but it's all balderdash. They can implement what they want and when.
they won't but should get life in prison, clear unequivocal message that this won't be tolerated.
As many of the people that commit this crimes have lived in this country most if not all their life I think your way off the mark!
More like due to the liberal elite infiltrated weak Justice system we have, couples with the liberal elite run Police Farce.
Question Author

/// As many of the people that commit this crimes have lived in this country most if not all their life I think your way off the mark! ///

If it hadn't been for Labour's policy on mass immigration in the 60s we wouldn't be in the position that this country now finds itself in.
fyi many were from Uganda expelled by Idi Amin
In early August 1972, the President of Uganda, Idi Amin, ordered the expulsion of his country's South Asian minority, giving them 90 days to leave the country.[1] At the time of the expulsion, there were approximately 80,000 individuals of South Asian descent (mostly Gujaratis[2][3]) in Uganda, of whom 23,000 had had their applications for citizenship both processed and accepted.[4] Although the latter were ultimately exempted from the expulsion, many chose to leave voluntarily.[5] The expulsion took place against a backdrop of Indophobia in Uganda, with Amin accusing a minority of the Asian population of disloyalty, non-integration and commercial malpractice, claims Indian leaders disputed.[4] Amin defended the expulsion by arguing that he was "giving Uganda back to ethnic Ugandans".[5]

Many of the expellees were citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies and 27,200 subsequently emigrated to the United Kingdom. Of the other refugees who were accounted for; 6,000 went to Canada, 4,500 refugees ended up in India and 2,500 went to nearby Kenya.[5] In total, some 5,655 firms, ranches, farms, and agricultural estates were reallocated, along with cars, homes and other household goods.
1972 Ted Heath was Prime Minister. But he couldn't stop them from coming as they had British passports..
Emmie some of Amin's displaced people were Sikhs and I had the privilege of knowing and working with some of them. Lovely friends.

Just saying and asking : how many Jewish grooming gangs do you hear about? Just curious.
LJ i was making a point to AoG that not all Asians came in the 60's and not all bad.
Jewish grooming groups, no idea, but you have to admit that those ones we hear, know about are all Asians
TD, You do know that Parliament is in recession until after the election? Or maybe you missed that.

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Muslim Grooming Gangs, Human Trafficking, And Record Killings In London, All Due To Our Lax Immigration System?

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