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(Diddly's Goldfish post for today)
Why the heck should our Prime Minister kowtow to the likes of AN ?
this has been done already.
Question Author
It's like the Queen saying she won't do a Christmas broadcast this year in the time-honoured tradition. Unthinkable. Yet, if you've listened to the Andrew Neil address last night, Boris is quite happy to buck the trend of many previous PMs because he doesn't want to be put on the spot by a highly skilled and respected interviewer.
Question Author
What's "been done already" Emmie?
Oh dear.
Saw Boris on TV this morning - he really does come across as a bumbling idiot whether he is or not. Unfortunately there's no reasonable alternative.
Question Author
Plenty of alternatives which I won't bother spelling out for fear of repeating myself.
diddly - yes, plenty of alternatives but NO reasonable alternatives.
the same question, hence zacs post
Haha. He is not stupid enough to do what your Great Leader did.
Andrew Neil is a rottweiler who seldom lets his guests have their say.
'fear of repeating myself.'

Bit bleedin' late for that!
Question Author
Emmie - it's not the same question as Boris now officially seems to have said "No, don't wanna come to your party. So there, shucks" (throws toys out of pram again).
Diddly....don't go on about Andrew Neil of course he is avoiding him, who wouldn't.
10 points in the lead, 6 days to go, why *** up your chances with an interview that everyone knows that you will come out of it looking like an idiot.
Boris is many things , but is not an idiot.
He just has to sit tight and accept a working majority on Dec 12th.
Question Author
Emmie - we need a real interviewer who asks serious questions rather than the pathetic domestic rubbish that Corbyn had to answer this morning and in which the nation has no interest.
well said sqad
I bet COB's wishing he had the balls to tel Marr to 'go away'.

These 'interviews' serve no purpose. The politicians should all boycott them.
First time I've ever seen someone try to claim that "tough it out" and "running scared" were synonymous; at least as far as I can recall.

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