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No. acting is acting whoever is doing it, whatever their sexuality. Some famous gay actors Ian McKellan being one plays Gandalf, quite a good role for him wouldn't you say, that;s not to say Gandalf is gay.
and visa versa.. it's all nonsense.
Not necessarily. I am sure they may have a better feel for the role though. Dirk Bogarde, Larry Oliver etc. Yes I know he was married to Olivia.
No, the best person for the role should play it.
Larry Olivier was married to Vivien Leigh and then Joan Plowright.
Agree with above, the best actor should get the role whatever the requirements.

...and not I don't mean getting your leg cut off.
Quite correct emmie. My mistake.For some reason Olivia de Havilland sprung to mind.
Nobody complained when half of Hollywood played heart throbs despite being gay or bi - Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, Dirk Bogarde, Tyrone Power, Cary Grant, Clark Gable etc etc. It makes no difference, they are primarily actors and their private sexuality is irrelevant.
Larry Olivier appeared in Rebecca with Joan Fontaine, who was Olivia De Havilands sister.
i don't believe Cary Grant or Clark Gable were gay...
best person for the role, that's it.
Thought this had been asked weeks ago.
Should roles for genocidal maniacs only be played by genocidal maniacs ?
Should roles for black characters only be played by black actors ?
Should idiocy rule everywhere ?
Well, that's what they say Emmie. On the other hand wow - did you realise Olivia de Havilland is still alive and she's 103. That's amazing.
No... sexuality shouldn't make a difference to anything.
//Should Gay Roles Only Be Played By Gay Actors?//

But surely, then most of them wouldn't be acting? Better by far to dole the "work" out to the gender confused luvvies.
for some reason i thought she had died recently.. obviously not..
of course not, it's called acting for a reason.
This has been hotly debated over the last six months in The Stage with mixed opinions. Personally I'm with the "best actor" solution, after all as parallel examples show, it could become very silly if the matching principle is more widely applied (Macbeth must be played by a murdering Scottish King).
Not at all. Nor would I proscribe a gay person acting a macho role.
David how would you always know..

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Should Gay Roles Only Be Played By Gay Actors?

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