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Dominic Cummings

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bodeker | 14:44 Mon 16th Dec 2019 | News
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Don't know much but I was surprised that Dominic Cummings was going to be sorting out the MOD in the near future , don't you need to be qualified in the subject to do that sort of job ?


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Do you have a link to this news please.?
One would have thought so.Where did this information come from?
Question Author
Sorry can't do links :( I saw this on a BBC news link

I'd say you need to rely on the expertise of others as to whether money is being spent in the wrong areas.
nothing that i can see on the BBC news
Can't see anything wrong with this, if money is being wasted it needs stopping.
You don't need qualification to run/manage/sort out any particular department. You just need to know the government's policy, and have an ability to distinguish between advice which is good and that which simply pushes the adviser's agenda.
'have an ability to distinguish between advice which is good'

But how do you do that with virtually zero knowledge of how the armed forces work? (which, I admit, is just a rehash of the original question but, as it doean't seem to have been answered........)
MOD procurement has been a disaster for a long time. It was no secret. Service chiefs have long complained. Hopefully it will now be sorted pdq now Brexit is done and dusted almost.
You judge the adviser. Body language, way they speak, plus a search for what they may want to push, beforehand. Managers jump from place to place with those sorts of skills, regardless whether they have specific expertise in the new job area.
Don't Know if Cummings has any Military experience, but judging by the down and out way he dresses , I think he ought pay a visit to The Salvation Army Charity Shop.
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14.49," OG .It seems like you don't need to be an MP either.
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He'll probably do a better job than Seumas Milne would have!

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Dominic Cummings

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