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who is they?
That is the most obvious thing to do. That is why it wasn’t done.
Given that UK Border Force staff have no powers of arrest within French territorial waters, it's hard to see what they could do if they spotted vessels carrying suspected illegal immigrants, other than to follow them to UK territorial waters anyway.
Question Author
Thank you all for wishing me well during my spell in hospital I am feeling much better now and as I write this from my hospital bed I hope that they will send me home in the next few days. In the meantime I wish you and your families a healthy New Year.
Surely the French could grant them temporary powers of arrest under an international agreement.
Heeeeey! You’re back. Nice to see you around AOG. You’ve obviously not had a great Christmas so I hope you’re new year sees a big improvement.
AOG - Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Of course the border control officials can expect full cooperation from the Frog authorities.....yes? An unofficial spokesman/woman from Calais said "This cannot be allowed. We would never have let them all in if we had known that we couldn't shift them off to England as soon as possible. What are we supposed to do with them"?
Happy Healthy New Year to you Anotheroldgent. 2020 needs you to carry the flame of uncomfortable truth for the faint hearted for a while longer. (^_+)
They are supposed to keep them of course. Otherwise they admit to aiding and abetting an illegal act.
Hope you are soon back home AOG.
AOG wish you a speedy recovery I really don't know what can be done about illegal immigrants apart from making the benefits system more difficult to access, if they have to live on streets so be it. Thought the law was that first European country they landed in was to take responsibility for them but neither Italy or France abide by this law, and simply let them walk to Calais and try and hitch a lift on a lorry.
The law is that immigrants must apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach (Dublin Agreement) - but no-one seems to have had the nous to apply it.
The other 'safeguard' says that refugees are fleeing from countries where they are in danger of their lives/freedom. France doesn't exactly qualify - ergo the Law is 'Han Ass' (Mr. Bumble) yet again. Forget the rules, other countries have, and send them back - they're safe enough in France - I lived there long enough.
Mind you, you have to support yourself for 5 years before you can access the social security and health systems with state aid. Perhaps that has something to do with it.
Use the four inch guns on the patrol boats :-)
^^PS AOG - glad to hear you'll be home soon. Very best wishes for your recovery and future health.
AOG, I don't often venture into the bear pit that is news, (I prefer that other bear pit of subjects that shouldn't be discussed ;-) )
But wish you a speedy recovery...
hope you get better quicer
but no-one seems to have had the nous to apply it.
........... danger of their lives/freedom. France doesn't exactly qualify - ergo the Law is 'Han Ass' (Mr. Bumble) yet again.

oh can I go for party pooper of the week again and point out
"Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is a ass "

at least I had the noo to notice it - ter daaah !
A happy and healthy new year AOG good to see you back.
Question Author
We managed to keep the Hun out of our waters why the difficulty dealing with s few rubber dinghies?

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