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French Police Break Out The Tear Gas On Extinction Rebellion Cretins.

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Deskdiary | 20:11 Sat 15th Feb 2020 | News
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Contrast the action of the French police with the two bobbies standing, with their arms crossed, watching while the ER clowns were vandalising property in London during the week.

I'd much rather our police adopted this type of tactic to teach these morons that they cannot disrupt people going about their daily lives and get away with it.

Anybody agree?


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I said that plod should have used a bit of "green energy" and tazered the gits when they were being a nuisance in Londonistan. Went down like a lead balloon with the snowflakes.
Yes and forced to repair the damage and then fined.
yes I applaud the Gendarmerie in their approach.
The French police break out the tear gas on a regular basis since Macron got elected.

Who expected that?
ALL vandalism should be made good by the vandals.
I was happy the Police arrested those digging up the lawns in London.
I agree re the making good Theland.
Yes, I do agree deskdiary.
They got plenty of practice on the yellow jacketed morons.

This is just what happens in France.
having one of their number dragged off a jubilee line train and given a good kicking by ordinary joes, did more to curb ER's tactics than any police action.

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French Police Break Out The Tear Gas On Extinction Rebellion Cretins.

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