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James Mates On Itv News From The Algarve

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Bobbisox1 | 18:54 Tue 02nd Jun 2020 | News
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Talking to the Portuguese PM about an air bridge and allowing the UK back in as their economy has plummeted 60%

How did James Mates get there???


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Perhaps he lives there
Question Author
Now there’s a thought Hoppy , think you
It seems he is the 'Europe Editor'.

Perhaps he got stuck out there, or just likes driving round Europe
Question Author
A nice place to ‘get stuck’ then
He probably flew there. There are still some flights to Europe.
Maybe he was there when the pandemic started and had to isolate there.I

Besides, weren't news reporters classed as essential workers at the beginning of the lockdown?
There have been flights between The UK and Portugal throughout, certainly London-Lisbon-London, fewer but continuously several every week.
Some TV news reporters get special dispensation as a mutual arrangement. I recall a female reporter explaining the extra testing procedures she and her camera man had at arrival in the Chinese airport.
While us plebs are barred, holiday flights grounded, business flights have continued.
From Heathrow there are 4 flight to Madrid daily from American, Iberia and British Airways.
maybe he's stuck there.
Maybe he's gone out there to get some sun to bleach his eyebrows.
"Check are already being carried out at Lisbon airport, with ITV News Europe Editor James Mates having his temperature recorded as he walked through customs - more stringent measures, he says, than when he was leaving Heathrow."

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James Mates On Itv News From The Algarve

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