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'Great Reset' Of Global Economy

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flobadob | 09:44 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | News
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I saw piece of news on the Sky News ticker tape this morning saying that a forum is being held, hosting Prince Charles, to discuss a 'Great Reset' of the global economy.

What does this mean? Are they thinking of writing off the debt of sovereign nations?


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i doubt it
I'd suggest that with Mr Blue Sky at the helm the common man/woman will be asked to sacrifice even more by way of direct and indirect taxation and a severe cutting of services.

This will enable old buildings and massive estates to be maintained for the good of the nation, history doncha know, while the proles eat rat kebabs and lard.
Knowing ol jug ears yes. Apart from him of course as Dougie has pointed out.

I wouldnt pay much attention to it. The EU wont do it, BoJo wont do it, Trump wont do it, The Ruskies wont, the Indians wont and certainly the Chinese Government wont. Canada might.
One thing's certain - if there is a solution, Charles won't be able to sniff it out :-D

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'Great Reset' Of Global Economy

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