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Who is in favour of face coverings being mandatory in shops?

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AB Editor | 09:34 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | News
107 Answers

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  • Yes, I am. - 195 votes
  • 58%
  • No, I am not. - 81 votes
  • 24%
  • I am not sure. - 32 votes
  • 10%
  • I do not care. - 25 votes
  • 7%
  • This does not apply to me. - 2 votes
  • 1%

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Why isn't my vote showing?
The vote is refreshed every 5 minutes. Your vote will show momentarily!
Or mine?
There are actually two issues here:
a) Face coverings themselves, on which I have no opinion

b) That they should be mandatory with sanctions for non-compliance, to which I am vehemently opposed.
Site Rules say duplicate threads will be expunged (unless it's raised by Ab Editor of course - chortle chortle)
Jack, requesting people to obey the government's guidance does not work, as has been proved time and time again.Other than making it compulsory how else can it be observed?
Guidance is simply that: guidance.
Enforcement is a different thing.
If you think something is advisable you advise in its favour.
You do no more than that.
Regardless of whether enforcement is a good thing, it's important to see the difference.
As the question title is very similar to another thread, can I suggest the word "Poll" is added as the first word of the title?
I am uncertain on this. But I will wear one because I have health issues. Also, if I was fit and and lived where shops and shopping centres are crowded, I would wear one. Fortunately I live in area which has had very few cases. In fact I haven't heard of anyone locally who has had it.
Absolutely not.

If, as has been said, it's to encourage people to get back to the shops (presumably those people who are all a quiver with fear), I can only speak personally, obviously, but it will have the opposite effect on me.

We will have the absolutely absurd situation that I will not be able to pop into a small Sainsbury's for 2 minutes to but a loaf of bread without masking-up, but I can then pop next door to the pub for 2 hours without needing a mask.

The odds of catching it are now 1 in 4000 - those are very slim odds.
We have been wearing a face mask all along when shopping or re-fuelling a car and it will be a relief that everybody else will now need one. Perhaps it will keep them from bawling into their mobile phones while they are shopping. The only problem I can see is that if you don't have one and there is a delay in getting one on line you are in a cleft stick. You can't go into a shop to buy one ....... unless you are wearing one.
You can't go into a shop to buy one ....... unless you are wearing one.

Very good point.
starting to look like the brexit poll isn't it
Togo, I bet most people have got something around the house they could use...the requirement is face coverings NOT masks...or they can get them online.
I daresay you will be allowed into a shop to buy masks.
It's not got quite THAT ridiculous
I think that is one of the reasons that apparently the mandatory date is not immediate, so that people can get themselves sorted
I've not got any more room to wear one, along with my AB gag. :0)
The AB gag one doesn’t seem to be very effective
My local shop had plenty of packs.
I'm generally in favour. It might keep some of the ickheads that stroll around observing zero social distancing rules out of Sainsburys. More room and less queuing for the rest of us.

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Who is in favour of face coverings being mandatory in shops?

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