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gulliver1 | 14:47 Sun 06th Sep 2020 | News
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An increasingly desperate Boris, has ordered his staff to step up personal attacks on Keir Starmer, and his past as a Lawer. As confidence in Boris.s Leadership is collapsing amongst Tory members. The Observer has been told , B/J was so furious after PMQs , when Starmer asked B/J to withdraw comments he made about Keir and the IRA. .Boris turned on his staff for leaving him unprepared, and to come up with more attack lines for him to throw at Starmer. I would say Boris and the Tories are running scared , very, very scared.


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It’s not as if the Guardian has published anything scandalous. PM to increase attacks in leader of opposition. It is hardly hold the front page stuff
PM 'steps up attacks on Opposition Leader … '

That' not 'news' that's another day in the office.
That would be pointless, Gulliver.
Question Author
You can always tell when Boris has had insiside info on what question are going to be asked at PMQs,
. They are the only ones he can answer.
I take it you are a Labour voter,Gully.What are your views on Corbyn and his terrorist friends.Doesnt it rankle you a wee bit to see Bojo compare Starmer with the IRA,yet Corbyn and his terrorist friends wander off into the dusk whistling.Until Starmer finally excises the Corbyn cancer,Labour will never get back into power.
He didn’t, actually, compare Starmer to the IRA.
While it’s nonsensical to infer, as Johnson seemed to, that Starmer supported the IRA, I think what he was really getting at, rather clumsily, was that Starmer (and others) served in Corbyn’s cabinet. However apart from the fact that its a rather desperate attack, which as I say rebounded on him, it is true that some Labour people decided that it was best to grin and bear their leader while they could. Even to the extent of serving in cabinet under him. The alternative tho would have been an even worse opposition and possible a split in the party.
Was Starmer involved in the deal that gave everyone involved in 'the troubles' an amnesty....except UK troops.
There is no point in BJ being interviewed by Piers Morgan, for the simple fact that Morgan doesn’t know how to conduct an interview.

A proper interview requires questions, the ability to listen to the answers, and when necessary the wherewithal to debunk the answer, challenge it with facts or follow up with a supplementary question.

Morgan doesn’t know how to do this; Morgan’s style of interviewing is to ask a question and then either answer it himself with his own view, or talk over the interviewee, hector them or just simply shout.

All he does is pander to the type of people who watch TV AM or whatever it’s called this week.
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16.53 Agree Andy , but it was rather foolish for Boris to leave PMQs, and call an emergency panick meeting in a room just down the corridor and cram 50 of his mps in there, when a notice on the door said only 29 allowed because of social distancing, just becaus he had made a fool of.
// There is no point in BJ being interviewed by Piers Morgan,//
can we not name call with puerile and stupid variations but use his proper name please
Piers Moron

isnt Barmy Starmy the one who said that rape victims would be believed? which put the accused to the test of refuting allegations?
down graded now to - - will be taken seriously


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