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Labour Crushes Tory Lead.

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gulliver1 | 09:53 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | News
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Labour are now Neck and Neck with the Tories, in the latest opinion poll
for the first time since Boris was elected "You Gove poll for The Times"
What a boost for Keir Starmer as he prepares for his first Party Conference, as Leader. Look out Boris your Honeymoon is over.


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TTT talks hypocritically about terrorists when he has a user name that was a code word for a successful terror attack.
wouldn't want to disappoint mozz!
it means Tiger x 3 in Japanese 10cs!
I know what it means, TTT. It was used to signify the success of the terrorist raid on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Air Force.
//wouldn't want to disappoint mozz!//

Gets a little repetitive though doesn't it?

Sometimes I think that you are Gulliver, and you post ridiculous BS under that name to give you a reason to counter-rant. :-D
well I'll never let him get away with posting his BS unchallenged.
He never lets us down in that instance. More BS than a farm silo.
Question Author
This Surge in Public Opinion, relates to to the Labour Party uniting and Keir Starmers excellent Performance.
What good news , well done Keir
mushroom - // Labour have had an open goal for weeks. why are they having such difficulty pressing home? //

If, as I suspect, you are referring to the government's handling of the Covid crisis, I think Labor are wise to keep away from it for two reasons -

One - it is rightly considered unseemly to make political capital out of a situation beyond anyone's control where large numbers of people are dying, and

Two - if Labour was to criticize the government, the not unreasonable response would quickly be "And what would you have done differently in the same circumstances?" to which Labour would have no reasonable response, since they don't know any better either.
gulliver - // This Surge in Public Opinion, relates to to the Labour Party uniting and Keir Starmers excellent Performance.
What good news , well done Keir //

Clearly you have given yourself a mandate to come on here and beat the drum for Labour, however undeserving (and they absolutely are undeserving!) they are of your fervent support.

Fine, crack on, but the election is a long way away, and as Mr Corbyn proved so comprehensively, sitting on the other side making noise does not win you an election.
Question Author
Anyone know if TTT is working from home ?.
grumpy: "What The Labour Party needs are some big hitters from the old school that the electorate can believe in" - indeed, they haven't had any of those since 1974.
Surely a vote for labour is akin to backing a seaside donkey in The Grand National.
BA right there gully ^^^^
Has gulliver1 been on the wacky backy, Starmer and Labour have no chance at the next GE, they need to clear the dross and get rid of a few more loons to have any chance!
You are wasting your time Gulliver, AB is true blue .
St Peter, he's on something!
Question Author
Don't think that Ed Miliband ,and Angela Rayner 's
Humiliation of Boris at despatch box on PMQs ,did much for Boris's immage. They made him look a right fool.
As. Brexit and Tory voter, I have to concede that Keir Starmer looks more competent at the moment than Johnson/Cummings.

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Labour Crushes Tory Lead.

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