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Manchester People - Do You Agree With Andy Burnham?

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bednobs | 19:37 Fri 16th Oct 2020 | News
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i must confess i had no idea that regional mayors could disagree and refuse to compply with national instructions.
I must admit i'm a bit confused - i thought AB was a person who was calling for greater lockdown measures, but is now refusing to let GM go to tier 3.
I can't understand his logic of it being "unfair"


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Khan wants full lockdown...that's no secret.

That was when London was in Tier 1. They have now risen to tier 2. Have you got a more recent link ?
// The Manchester argument is nothing to do with "keeping us safe" or "protecting the economy"; it is simply political points scoring.//

he is saying that in M there are still mouths to feed and bills to pay and it costs the same as London

I think we all in M know the second lock down really will trash the economy and there is no moolah in the till
The Chancellor is the stumbling block.
He agreed extra money for Liverpool and Lancashire. Now he is saying there is no more money.
Sunak lavished £590 million on his daft eat out deal, which after sending students to campuses, and small children back to school, is the single most contributor to the spiralling corona virus contagion.
Greater Manchester would reluctantly accept £80million to properly furlough its low paid workers, but Rishi says ‘No’.
Sunk, This from the link:

//Mr Khan believes Londoners will face new restrictions within days…//

… which it did.

//But Mr Khan wants ministers to go further and adopt the advice of 'SAGE' scientists to introduce a short national lockdown over the school half term.//

That backs up NJ’s claim.
NJ is a judge - he is always right
NJ is not a judge.

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Manchester People - Do You Agree With Andy Burnham?

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