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Tonights Vote On Covid Restrictions In England

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Sunk | 18:36 Tue 01st Dec 2020 | News
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Will there be more Labour rebels than Conservative rebels in tonights vote.

Starmer has told Labour MPs to abstain, but it is clear that many will not.


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Rather agree with the 2 above.
25000 redundancies announced today, debenhams and Arcadia group. Nobody seems to care.
i think they care, but don;t know what to say or the answer is...
Question Author
66 Tories rebelled.
12 Labour didn’t abstain..

Had the debate on this afternoon, and more that 12 Labour MPs stated they were going to vote against. Lying ***.
They do care dave but its not a suprise as debenhams were on the way out before corona and topshop/arcadia have not been safe iether under Philip Green for some time
That’s a big rebellion.
Agreed, bobbin. Phillip Green's "empire" was always built on sand (the sand being systematically removed by the means of massive and unjustified dividend payments, mainly to the Green family). Many large retail outfits are in trouble because they have simply refused to acknowledge the threat of online shopping and adapt to counter it. High Street stores need to provide the one thing online traders cannot - decent customer service. But they don't. Many shop staff are more interested in sharing their holiday photos with their colleagues than seeing to their customers; I have had staff simply shrug their shoulders and walk away when I have raised a query. Covid has simply put some of the stores out of their (and their customers') misery
Complacency, indifference, and bad management is written on many a corporate headstone.
Thats a lot of rebels in Boris's own party. Boris was pleading with them to back him and managed to get two to change their mind and vote for him (traitors).Not looking good for Boris although the vote went through.
It was 55 not 66 Cons who rebelled by voting against but many would of supported Borris if they hadnt known Labour overell were going to abstain. Is anyone else who supports Labour dissapointed though that Kier has again sat on the fence. We know he supports stronger action as he recently argued for a circuit brake so why did'nt he vote against and say he wanted stronger action but more financial support???
would you of voted for or against or abstained gulliver if you had a vote on this?
Doesn't help by gifting Amazon millions in sales for the past month while we are forced to shut up shop.
the 55 used it as a protest they know that if the government lost we'd have no restrictions at all and they would not want that but they knew Labour were abstaining so it's a free protest. Nothing to see here.
Why was there a vote ?
that's how acts of parliament are done weecalf.
I'm not sure it's "nothing to see" -- after all, if Labour had waited for the Rebels to cast their "protest votes" and then suddenly vote against the measures as well (and they certainly could have), that protest vote idea would have looked pretty silly. You're seriously underestimating the strength of feeling in the Tory rank-and-file against the Government's approach. If it had meant the Government losing, I'd estimate that at least 55 of the 55 rebels would still have voted against the measures.

The only protest voters were the abstaining Tories.
//You're seriously underestimating the strength of feeling in the Tory rank-and-file against the Government's approach.//

And among many of their voters.
So if it’s an act of Parliament he does not have to ask their permission the next time he wants a lock down is that wrong ?

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Tonights Vote On Covid Restrictions In England

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