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It takes a while but gets there in the end. Truth that is. On Friday the Senate eagerly voted to allow further testimony and to hear the new and exciting "witnesses" that had "decided" to now come forward and answer "questions". OK said Michael van der Veen, one of the lawyers for former President Donald Trump. We will call some as well. They firstly then...
16:50 Sun 14th Feb 2021
Surprise surprise.
Quelle surprise!
Move along - nothing to see here
actually a considerable defeat, but a two-thirds majority, not just 51%, is needed.
hail the chief... the woke hate him, as he cracked down on the nutters in society...who's mad u ask, antifa blm pro migrant groups, they a re all scum...they would watch you house burn with you in it, witch hunters.. 1984, and bring the economy back to horse and carts, if you are still alive. from rethinking camps or houses of mental awareness.
Oh bums. To be expected though. Means I’ll have to get the wax and pins out again.
You know what, most on the this site live in the UK, and some in Ireland, hi Gness. I happen live in Canada, and I don't really care what happens to Trump. Why all the interest in this now non-entity?
//hail the chief... the woke hate him//
Thanks for the laugh fender62.
It's been a rather staid day
He is the nutter in society :-)
Society is nuts.
Wot a surprise!
Must have had the same defence lawyer as the wholly innocent Alec Salmond!
Is it actually possible for you to post anywhere without mentioning Scottish politics Ynna?
It was always going to be hot air and a waste of time and money. Who in their right mind would think that a 1/3 of the Republican party in the Senate would 'walk' across the floor to sidle up to the Dems and find the nutter ex-President guilty. Get real.

It's the same under the current House profile with Constitutional Amendments where similar numbers are needed - hence why the 2nd Amendment will never be amended. There's an additional problem in that it has to be a 2/3rds majority in Congress as well.
Not unexpected but a despicable act of cowardice on the part of the Republicans... nothing is sacred to those people. They didn't listen to the arguments or to reason, they queued up to do the bidding of "their" man... they are terrified of him and his violent supporters. Republicans are the lowest of the low.
Let's be honest, if the mob had carried out their threats to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, the Republicans still would've voted to acquit. They're way more interested in keeping the Trump voters onside than they are about doing what's right.
what happened on 6 Jan?
they throttled irony
and we see
Mitch McConnell who voted to acquit
saying publicly the president had done it all

phone call supporting it
and Trump refused to call off the mob when asked
should have sealed his fate

and there was mitch mcC - all jowls wobbling portentously expecting us to say - - well done Mitch ! ya did the right thing

Mitch was outmanouvred in 1975 over something and the result if
he is never out manoouvred now and stands creditted with filling the supreme court with no-nos and acquitting a guilty man

only in America
whatta waste of time

at least with clinton they voted half way thro it was a non starter and abandoned the procedure.

they voted and didnt this time (call a halt)

altho if I were Nancy "Nants" or Mike Pence my jowls might have wobbled as i fled the mob
Nants: I wouldda run as if I had ants in my pants!

the main defence of the rioters who have been indicted?
we were misled by the president
yeah foo is this news
@06.14.Well im Scottish for a start,mozz.As for the question asked,every one knows Trump was guilty,just as up here in Scotland everyone knows that Salm...(err,better not go there,ynna...)

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