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Do You Think We Are Building Our Hopes Up?

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Bobbisox1 | 15:27 Fri 19th Feb 2021 | News
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I personally think it'll be more schools to go back which is really good, are we expecting too much from him come Monday?
I know here in the NE the rate of infection hasn't slowed down like that of the South, ours has only reduced by 1/3 whereas the south by 2/3rds
What are you expecting he'll say ?


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Who knows, definitely not the media, they are all speculating as usual. Do not expect much to happen till April, other than schools starting to return.
About the same. I'm already seeing claims that there will be another lockdown at some point.
Johnson just better choose his words very carefully. Whatever he says, people will be disappointed.
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I think he's learnt not to set dates Pasta, I really hope so
i just want pubs and restaurants to open, not concerned with schools
as they are silent incubators for jack n jill to bring home to there parents and granparents and friends.
He has as usual made himself a hostage to fortune by saying that the steps will be “irreversible”
And yet also that they might have to be reimposed.
You hope the thinking is actually less woolly in practice.
Schools are pretty obviously the priority and they will rightly come first.
No more lock downs whatever!
Like fender, I want pubs and restaurants to re-open and to stop having to wear masks ! I don't think we could take any more lockdowns ...
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There will be an uprising Bobbs.
I personally am not building any hopes up. I foresee problems for quite a few years. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I think I'm just a realist. I know that whatever is decided for a road map won't change my behaviour which hopefully be based on common sense.
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Burley you could be right , I think people are lockdown weary now
With summer and the warmer weather on the horizon, people will just ignore it, like last summer !
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I'm an optimist so I live in hope yet I know things will take a long time to return to anything near as we knew it
I think he will say schools back, some comment about vaccination priority and when the next review will be. Oh and there might be a mention of care home visits
Pubs and restraunts are not a priority and its too risky.the best we can hope for is outdoor table service by easter. Anything more is asking for trouble. We need 75% vaccinTed first.
Masks are with us for a while yet
I'm a long term optimistic. What worries me more than pubs and restaurants opening is the economy and the effects on our younger generations. However we recovered from two world wars, so obviously we will recover from this and we might even have learnt tocount our blessings. This world needed a shock like this. Hopefully we can get back to basics.

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Do You Think We Are Building Our Hopes Up?

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