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Scotland Tv Debate Who Won?

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fender62 | 21:49 Tue 30th Mar 2021 | News
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in my opinion nobdoy won, the elephant in the room question..who will pay for independence when westminster cash get's cut, snp's giveaway to the workshy is very enviable to englands workshy, have more kids extra cash, free university free free free, it's free.


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these silly Americanisms achieve nothing, sway no one, totally pointless.
Will they have their own NHS and their own armed forces when someone else isn't paying for it?
No of course not.
I didn't see it.
However, who will pay for independence is not really the issue people should be focused on. Scottish independence is some way off: a second refefendum is some way off if it ever happens.
who is nobdoy?
Just a confused nobody.
As TTT says.

Ich, I think it is something that needs addressing. We all know the answer to this and why the SNP avoid the question.

If it was answered then I suspect the whole Independence thing would be put to bed to many years to come. Scotland could then start to sort out its real problems like the heavy drug addiction in Glasgow etc.
I've always known the Barnett Formula provided more per Scottish head than their English counterparts (a formula that Joel Barnett, before his death, admitted was a mistake), but I had no idea it was 30%.

That's absobloodylutely enormous - no wonder they can provide a load of freebies paid for by the English, that the English don't benefit from.

Surely even the most rabid of those Scots wanting independence, must have asked themselves in the past what will happen when the English money tap is turned off.
I suspect many assume the EU will pick up the tab, which is why they want to re-join.
I agree that how an independent Scotland finances itself is obviously an important question, but not I'd suggest one that is of burning importance in this election.
It's probably not something the SNP wants to talk about unless it has to, and for the unionist parties it's probably not a smart move bringing it up, as if I was them I'd want to quiz the governing party on its record and domestic policies, and keep the independence issue low profile. There is a chance the cause will suffer as time goes on, what with the Salmond breakaway. The polls in favour of independence have narrowed and most Scots have cooled in the idea of an early referendum.
YMB: "I suspect many assume the EU will pick up the tab, which is why they want to re-join. " - sadly the EUSSR is already down £12bn, I doubt they'd be keen to take on another mouth to feed. Well they may take them on but it'll be with some harsh conditions. As much as they hate us I think the Braveheart mob will grow to miss the English if they choose to leave the UK.
Nice one Danny. Who would have thought that you were a crossword addict?
With the current leadership in the EU it wouldn't surprise me if they let them join just to spite the UK.

Some of the other countries might object and certainly would not want to pay but the EU under Von Useless dont seem to care about Europe as a whole - just their own ego which has been well dented.

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Scotland Tv Debate Who Won?

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