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Why Isn't The Media Reporting On Biden's Inability To Communicate?

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Stableford | 11:25 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | News
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I wasn't expecting it to be electric, but I was genuinely shocked listening to 78-year old Biden's speech at the G7 in Cornwall, which was rambling, stumbling, disjointed and barely intelligible. But how anyone can listen to this old man without concluding he is losing the plot is beyond me. Have a listen to this: Is he making any sense to you? And before you start, this isn't about Trump- it's about Biden. If this was your grandpa wouldn't you be worried?


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So painful to watch..
Strange question, since you have posted a link contradicting yourself.
Am I worried? No.
Underestimate Biden at your peril: he has always had a speech impediment he’s fought to control.
It's sad, honestly, if this was a member of my family, I'd be severely worried. He's been losing it for quite some time.
We have had a variety of Presidents, but I don't remember a geriatric one before.
Seems sensible enough to me. Even if not delivered with Olivier-like aplomb.

As for “Syria or Libya? Does he know?” Well, it’s Syria AND Libya. Maybe Sky’s Aussie anchorman needs to take a few lessons himself.
Question Author
No contradiction. A speech impediment is one thing- but that doesn't explain why he repeated calls Syria Libya?! And I'm not talking about his stammer- I'm talking about his inability to express a continuous thought in a sentence- it's tortuous to watch. He may have been a clever guy in his time, but he appears to need some serious medical help now. If this was my Dad or grandfather, I would be looking at getting him checked out for Alzheimers, Dementia or similar.
He doesn’t repeatedly call Syria Libya.
As I explained, they are both involved
No more painful than listening to Boris really.
The contradiction is your assertion that the media isn’t covering X
And posting an extensive link of … the media covering X ;-)
It is painful to watch.
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oo terrible!
mind jangling - a bit like reading a streams of posts from AB !
ter daah !
For context you could try Googling 'joe biden gaffes'. Media doesn't ignore it.

And for a bit of context:
Sidebar - what is it with US Presidents and heavy foundation all of sudden?
As I said before IMHO both Trump and Biden were too old. I find it amazing out of 300 odd million people they couldnt find a younger more dynamic pair to contest the election.
Biden has a stammer which he does very well to manage. It is not a communication problem as such

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Why Isn't The Media Reporting On Biden's Inability To Communicate?

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