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Coalition Of Chaos?

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ToraToraTora | 23:38 Wed 25th Aug 2021 | News
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It seems only 28% of Scots approve of the Wee 'un! Are any thoughts of "independence" now pie in the sky?


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I wish they’d get on with having another referendum. So pleased she doesn’t represent me. She’s an embarrassment.
is this the same poll that gave her 53% support two weeks ago?

Something odd here.
Polls mean nothing.
They have just had an election so don’t need to worry for 4/5 years.
Their popularity could fall to 0 but they are still in until 2025.
The coalition with the Greens is only a minor accommodation. Doesn’t really mean much in the long run.

Not sure why you are bothered about Scotland. Both Labour and the Tories and LibDems have very very few MP North of the Border.
It's not 28% of Scots, it's 28% of 2,000 voters in Great Britain so it's hardly representative of her rating in Scotland.
Please do not waste a good story with facts .
JNO, the poll you asked about was carried out by the same folk but they asked 1,000 eligible voters in Scotland which means the results are not comparable.
Anne, you sound like a daily mail journalist.
I don’t care for her or the SNP it that’s w shockingly deceitful piece of journalist
oh you are talking about Kabool of the North ! - righto!
The talib-wee-un has warned there is a real danger of edinburgh blowing its top or something
so all the english should return home !

not by air
by land - its only 150 m to the border and a warm day

and watch oot ( dialect there reader! ) for the armed hargis!
I havent understood what he has written again,
have I
I wouldn't take too much notice of polls, they tend to ask leading questions and carefully select those asked to get the result they want.

//Not sure why you are bothered about Scotland.//

Because it is important to the UK as a whole. This continual whinging causes divsion and after Covid it would have been good to all pull together.

I am now past the point of caring about Scotland as part of the UK. I would have preferred us to stick together but now I think they should just go so the rest of the UK knows where it stands and can make a good future for itself. And Scotland too of course.
thanks, TCL, I was wondering what I'd missed.

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Coalition Of Chaos?

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