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Universal Credit

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bakerwales | 14:11 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | News
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Just listened to the news and the who ha about those on Universal Credit that received and extra £20 a week during the pandemic. Now it will end in October and all and sundry are on the bandwagon about it. What about all those that never received any extra?? For example those still receiving JSA as they have not gone onto Universal Creidt yet (there are still a few). People on ESA or pensioners on the lower amount of Pension. Please don't get me wrong I am not against people having a living wage but it should not just be for one part of soceity and not the others who are on a different benefit.


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Expect people got used to having/spending the extra.
I'm afraid they'll just have to get unused to having it.
Heard someone saying they would no longer be able to afford healthy veg for there children and so would have to go back to cheaper pizzas and go without food thereself. Every supermarket like ours has loads of cheap veg deals on carrots brocoli potatoes.
It'll hit some and that's why these temp ncreases tend to become permanent. Should perhaps reduce it in instalments overall 4 months
Cobblers! Who spends £20 a week on veg? Must be one hell of a big family.
As you said bobb, plenty of cheap veg around. Maybe they should learn how to freeze it. £80 extra a month is a nice amount of money. As baker-wales said pensioners didn't get any extra, perhaps it's what Boris Johnson calls levelling up.
They knew that the extra £20 a week was only a temporary measure, due to Covid restrictions, so they have nothing to complain about.
I presumed the pensioners got the same.
Loads of blokes on the buildings never had to stop working but were entitled to regular large payouts. About £3,500 a time, I think. (every few weeks)
SR //I presumed the pensioners got the same.//
We didn't.

They’ve had quite a while of receiving free money, they knew it was temporary, so now they’ll have to cut their cloth accordingly.
The milk of human kindness is in short supply here, innit.
Thought I was uncaring. ;-)
It was a temporary bonus, designed I imagine, to help those who were furloughed and had a shortfall in income. Those not in work would have seen no shortfall so I am curious as to how they qualified. If they won't be able to afford fresh veg in the future, how did they afford it before?
My family, all four kids and their families got three fifths of *** all through this entire Covid debacle. They have all worked throughout. Seems to me that a lot of furlough and work at home folk are somewhat reluctant to wear the yoke again. £20 a week better off because of Covid? Ridiculous.
Tough, go and get a job like the rest of us.

As Bobbsays, there is plenty of cheap veg around, so long as you dont want avocados. Pizzas would cost more so that's just nonsense.
Frozen pizzas wouldn't be cheaper.
You are all heartless. They'll be forced to ring the foodbank. God only knows what standard of food they'll end up with. sob
//Expect people got used to having/spending the extra.
I'm afraid they'll just have to get unused to having it.//

There will be a lot of unfinished tattoos on show next year.
Lol Togo.
Just seen on the news we have a shortage of HGV drivers.

There is a fund under Universal Credit called Low Value Provision that will pay for an HGV course. And it is a well paid job!!!

Perhaps those on Universal Credit could consider getting a job outside of their comfort zone?

As Lord Tebbit once said "Get on your bike"
Lord Tebbit never said that.
Jack, I bow to your superior knowledge. I have always attributed that saying to him - something about his dad back in the day.

Perhaps it was Leon Brittan then or maybe Nigel Lamont.
//In the aftermath of the 1981 riots in Handsworth and Brixton, Tebbit responded to a suggestion by the Young Conservative National chairman, Iain Picton that rioting was the natural reaction to unemployment:

I grew up in the '30s with an unemployed father. He didn't riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking till he found it.//

That's what he said.

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