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He Didn't Mean It, Really.

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10ClarionSt | 11:51 Sun 07th Nov 2021 | News
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Hope this is the right category. When he took office in June this year, Sajid Javid said that we should start learning to live with Covid and get back to normal, but he didn't mean it did he? If he had meant it, the following would have happened:

1. All Covid testing centres would have been closed and demolished.

2. The Covid app would have been disabled and deleted.

3. There would have been no more mention of "Covid Passports".

4. There would have been no daily figures released from the Dept of Health.

5. There would have no restrictions on foreign travel, in or out of the country, but
now these have been eased.

There are other things still happening but shouldn't be if we are supposed to be living with it and getting back to normal. He didn't mean it really, did he?


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I just hope we haven't got to have a booster every year.
Depends what one means by " living with Covid"

He, Javid,and many others are correct, in that we must learn to live with Covid and here is what living with Covid means.

1) Continual testing.
2) Wearing masks.
3) Maintaining social distance.
4) Covid passports for events which involve large crowds.

You are correct, we must learn to "live" with Covid.
I agree with Sqad
No one will ever 'have to' have a booster every year. Its up to the individual at the moment .

To the OP: of course, he did not mean it, like Boris, he's all smoke and mirrors. People are becoming complacent towards sensible social distancing and mask wearing. They are using the jab as a klingon cloaking device, thinking they are immune to catching or infecting others with the virus. This is totally the fault of the Government for lifting the rules on mask wearing and social distancing.
I just hope we haven't got to have a booster every year. //

Probably have to have a combined flu/covid booster jab for the oldies and vulnerable for at least a couple of years.
Blimey the thinking there is a bit fou-fou

so by the same coin.... there is a rabid dog outside
so you.....
lock the door and hope it dies in 10d ( they all do)
come on boys and girls
medicl skool stuff

living with covid doesnt mean ignoring covid....
No...This isn't the right category. But I suspect you know that.
Your confused 10clarion st. What your 5 points would mean is "dying with covid' for tens of thousands more people and not 'living with it' and thousands more clogging up hopsitals, business unable to run because of ill staff, schools closing through absent teachers, exams cancelled though ill students...
Question Author
Thanks for the replies folks. In the midst of life, we are in death, are we not? Of course people will die from it. People die from other things, don't they? It's just that there is hysteria about it, as there has been from the start. If SJ had meant it, he would have done those things in my OP.

The King is in the altogether, the altogether........
I think its the fact that as well as the 'other' deaths there are those dying from Covid.
// Yes...This is the right category. But I suspect you know that.//

yeah the category is 'Mad stuff' - that just about covers any post on AB
Clarion, it is the same question about Covid right from the start :

Do we live with it?
Do we do something about it?

A question that has divided the nation with eloquence that has been demonstrated on both sides.
Not even a judge as wise as NJ can get over 186 000 extra deaths

UNLESS you say all 200 000 extra are floo, dog bit and toothache....

That is a number not a rate - poor dear wiggy has gt difficulty in distinguishing anyway this is NOT 200 000 / y
foo I die from covid but the authorities say
no he died from too much housework

and you say - o that is OK then, I thought they were gonna lie....
Yes, he did mean it. We do have to learn to live with it - and all that comes with it. What did you expect? A magic wand to waft it all instantly away?
Question Author
Nope. Just do the things listed in my OP. No magic wands required.
Where’s the sense in that when those things are needed?
Sense don't come it to it naomi.
We are learning to live with it by doing what we'er doing 10cs. Everywhere open.
Without those things you mentioned we couldn't live with covid, more would die hospitals under toomucj pressure and we'd end up having enforced restrictions again.
But I think you know that really and are just on a wind up mission
Judging by some of the replies, some people are still confused by the vaccine. The vaccine stops the vast majority becoming seriously ill, it does not prevent you from catching or spreading it. That's the point, so the number of infections is not important. It's like having daily reports of the number of people infected with the flu virus.

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He Didn't Mean It, Really.

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