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Racist aussies

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Zen | 22:12 Tue 13th Dec 2005 | News
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Saw the racist Aussies on the news trying to beat up the immigrants on "Their" beach,one guy was really mouthing off,I bet if he went back 150 years he would have found out his ancestors arrived there by virtue of being convicted criminals and that the real indigenous people were the Aboriginals.


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Zen , I suggest you get your facts right before you start sounding off about racist Aussies.Those riots started whensome Lebanese youths beat and injured two LIFESAVERS on the beach and THEY were the ones who proclaimed the Cronulla beach as THEIRS . Local lads retaliated and one thing led to another ,one of which were carloads of Lebanese going to ANOTHER suburb Maroubra armed with various weapons including a gun and smashed up every car in the street and even put one man in hospital who was just putting his garbage bin out for collection .One of those 'brave"rampagers also hit a woman (white)across the face with a piece of wood .I do not know how to post a link unfortunately .Take it from me you had to see it from the start to understand what happened.

By the way Zen not all Australians are convict descended and those that are have nothing to be ashamed of because a lot of so-called convicts were not real criminals (deportation for stealing a slice of bread for 7 years ) and present day Aussies are not responsible for their ancestors .What race are you by the way ?
I don't care who started it. Virtually all humans are basically tribal and antagonistic to non-members of 'their' group. It may have been an evolutionary advantage once upon a very long time ago. Let's hope evolution gives us a helping hand out of this state sometime soon. sorry to sound so negative but whether it's Australia, Birmingham, Israel/Palestine or wherever we can't seem to escape it.
Steve@home .Thank goodness i am not alone!!!!!!
Hi Steve, sorry to disagree with you but in most countries of the world being part of a ''group'' is still the only way to either survive or at least progress in society and I don't see that changing any time soon. It would be great if this did not happen but that's humans for you.
I try to keep an open mind but was very surprised to find that Australia has the same problems with the same type on immigrant that we have over here in Spain. They have different standards to us and this does cause friction.
hmmmm, interesting - Spain has the same problem with the same type of it appears the common denominator is the immigrant - although, of course, I'm not allowed to say that because its racist!
its allways the same,we(the whites)get called racist if we do any harm to the ethnics,but if they cause the problems,nothing is far as i am concerned they are the worst racists and hate the whites.

The news media has been headlining this as an Australian racism problem yet it was Lebanese blokes that kicked it all off. Looking after your own and defending your patch of land is surely such a primal instinct i'm not at all surprised this happened.

Netibiza, when you say the same 'type' of immigrants do you mean Muslims?

One white guy in a mob, was saying 'we're the original people from this country, all you Lebanese people should get out'
hmmmm. Seems like they maybe forgetting the Aboriginals.
jgs - umm Yes!!!!
The Aboriginals didn't make Australia the great country it is today, so sad to say they are a bit irrelevent to a sensible debate concerning what is going on now!! When you talk about Americans surely don't think or Indians, do you??? Move with the times. I have been to Australia and found them to be a charming bunch. I was called a pommy b*****d!! but took it in good humour. If the Aussies won't let themselves be walked over then good for them. Seems to me they were sorely provoked

Latecomer, what could the Aboriginies have a achieved for their country, and lets face it if ur gonna get picky they were there first, if they had been given the chance instead of being made outcasts and put down by the incoming population from europe. We won't ever know will we. Just because we are there doesn't make them any less important. But all the europian population have ever thought about is what they can get. It was the same in America for the Idians.

I have family there as does my husband. I have only met one ozzie that I liked and he came to live here because he hated his own country. Being called a B*****D, Pommie or otherwise is not nice. Good for u that u took it in good humor otherwise they may have started on u. The fact of the matter is CT is right they are all basically immigrants. And not from not that long ago really. You cannot just dimiss the indiginous population of Australia or America just because you think they haven't done anything for thier countries. How would you know any way.

If the youths that retalliated were as cilvilized as they think they are they wouldn't have even lowered themselves to this mentality.

LOL By the way I love the ad thats at the side of this whole conversation. It says move to Australia in 2005 your stress free immigration solution. Ironic or what.

Euphraxia! Did you read what Dolly wrote???? I give up, all white Europeans are scum and we should go to our graves apologising for being born. I remember hearing about the Sun one day turning into a Red Dwarf and burning the Earth to a cinder! It used to depress me, not any more. I tried to move to Australia but was told i am too old!!! ( I hate Australia )

Yes Latercomer I did read it . I never said white europians are scum but they don't help. I am I white europian. I Make no apologies for what has happened but your dimissal of the Aboriganies and other indiginous people is just wrong. I think prehaps such yelling all be it in print is a sign that you know its wrong. No one civiliastion on this planet can hand on heart say it has no bad history or bad people now. As for the red dwarf thing were did that come from. You can't stop nature no matter what and I don't get depressed about it either and I never did.So what is your point exactly. just because i disapproved of your attitude to indignous peoples.

I don't hate Australia. Its a beautiful country.

Hi euphraxia! Last answer is of course a joke but you try defending white people, and no matter how dreadfully they are treated somebody will come along and say they deserved it. The whites were provoked and sometimes even white people can be pushed too far. So just what is Zens point??? That only the Aboriginals have a right to speak for all Australians. Read what Dolly again said and tell me that the locals weren't provoked. Racism is wrong EVEN against white people!!!!
Question Author
by Peter Terry

On the 10th of November 2001 the conservative led Liberal-Coalition Howard Govt went to the polls after an election campaign which historians will record as a victory on the back of racism and fear. The Howard Govt won the election after a campaign which has been universally condemned as racist by many prominent Australians, the United Nations and the international media. In true conservative style the Govt. milked Australians xenophobia and historically held racist paranoia.

Let us examine Australia's recent election, it's history on race relations and the long abhorrent treatment of it's indigenous peoples the Aborigines.

This week Jan 2002 the UN High Commission for refugees sent a special representative to hear Australia's defence on alleged breaches to the 1951 Geneva Convention which sets out certain standards for the treatment of refugees. When refugees arrive in Australia they are either imprisoned in detention centres or balloted off to other South Pacific countries for processing.

Australia is the only developed country whose government has been condemned as racist by the United Nations : 13 Oct 2000 a.htm

UN and Kofi Anan blasts Australia over asylum ship: Sept 2.2001

ZEN ,what is your problem with Australia ? did they refuse to let you in ? The piece you quote is 4years old and that is other peoples views of us .We are not going to be cowed down because a lot of so-called do-gooders think we are racist ,In my street there are people from the UK,Netherlands,Yugoslavia (as was ),Aborigines,USA ,Vietnam,Sri Lanka,China and Australia . We all get on and mind our own business ,no racist trouble in 40 years . Also Zen you didn't reply to my question as to what race you are (ethnicity I mean ) .This so-called race riot was a first for Australia and not instigated gy the white population .

Hi Dolly. Thanks for giving us a clearer picture of the background events concerning the problems you are having. Zen, do you think its ok for non whites to beat whites up and proclaim that a certain area is theirs?? Just what are your views??

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Racist aussies

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