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Is This The Correct Sentence?

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youngmafbog | 17:53 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | News
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Of course we are not privy to the CCTV or any pictures the Court have seen so its difficult to be sure. When I started reading I admit I was outraged but then reading through it fully I do believe this time the Judge got it right.

But one question has to be asked. Should 'sex apps' such as Tinder verify age? I think they should be forced to do it as that would stop any of this in its tracks. It would also serve as a deterrent for any would be rapists, con artists or thieves as their details would be known.



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I was appalled at the sentence when I read the headlines but when I read further I was appalled for different reasons.
That a 12 year old girl passes herself as an over 16 looking for sex on Tinder is bad enough but to learn that she is living in a car is shocking.

What sort of life has this girl had? How did the police find out that the he had sex with her? Did she report him?
Just read it again - he was living in a car, not the girl
Tinder and such apps should be forced to verify age but determined underage people will always find a way round it - they find a way to buy alcohol in pubs in face to face situations. Far easier online.
Fraudsters and rapists would also find ways to get round verification requirements.
I would prefer a very strict verification process but realise it would be impossible.

As for the sentence, I don't know. If this girl did make a complaint to the police about him then the sentence is too lenient - if she was telling the entire truth, she was co-erced, she didn't lie about her age and she could never be mistaken for 16+ by a reasonable person. Why did he believe she 'had a place to live and a car'?

If she didn't complain to the police, did lie about her age, could pass for 16+ and was encouraging sexual activity I still don't know. Why did he believe she 'had a place to live and a car'?

Not enough information in that news report to come to any sort of proper conclusion.
Going out on a limb here but on occasion I have felt sorry for the odd footballer when caught out after meeting girls in clubs etc who have obviously portrayed themselves as older
Have then spent the night with said footballer but then cried foul when found out by their boyfriends etc the day after and have concocted a rape story

Can on occasion be a grey area especially with fake IDs etc

Yes I too was puzzled at the sentence but as has been pointed out this is not a case of rape that fits the general norm
If there is such a thing
//Going out on a limb here but on occasion I have felt sorry for the odd footballer when caught out after meeting girls in clubs etc who have obviously portrayed themselves as older//

Having overheard the conversations Year 10/11 girls have about 'getting off' with footballers or other 'desirables', I totally agree! When they come to the Prom at 15/16 many would easily pass for 21.
The suggestion that sites should verify ages is naive in the extreme, just another way of the unscrupulous making money through forging.
I would even go so far as to say I feel sorry for this young man who will have this on his record.
Its rape, a 15 year old can not consent, she is a child.
Virginia Giuffre née Roberts could have learned a fair few tricks on Tinder but then she may well have had 'access' already.
Yes, it is statutory rape and nobody is denying that, webbo. The question is relating to the sentence. Lenient, harsh, fair?
Far to lenient Barry.
it sounds as though the court has believed him, and they've seen and heard him, so that sounds fair enough. "I thought she was over 16" is a pretty common defence, probably too common, but if they were able to see her claims on Tinder to be of age, along with CCTV footage, then I guess it's plausible in this case (and even the proecution accepted this).

I have no idea how you would verify someone's age online/on apps when it's nigh impossible to do it in person.
A "very close and supportive family" had kicked him out so he was living in a car. That whiffs a bit IMHO.

As regards Tinder validating age, it's not workable while anonymity is allowed (even recommended, as on Answerbank) in cyberspace.

As regards the sentencing, it is certainly lenient. [A slight digression coming up here] Just as young girls are warned of the danger of going out alone late at night, I think young men should be similarly warned of the danger of taking age as stated from girls. Or, in both cases (admittedly different), face the (once again totally different) consequences. This redresses the balance somewhat between the restrictions on the freedom of the sexes. I haven't put that very well, but I do feel men have it easy compared to women. In a perfect society of course neither danger would exist.

The so called child who enticed and encouraged this, will walk away Scot free. After all she was under sixteen and wasn’t responsible for her actions. Speech, make up, etc.
She was 12, David. While I agree, on reading though, it seems more understandable... I wish they wouldn't use "rape" for consensual sex. It makes it sound very different from what the rest of the link says.
She also hasn't committed any crime.
also a "religious" family, canary. Who knows, maybe he didn't go to church one Sunday and they got the hump, we can't know.
Pixie, she may have done if the limited facts in the news report are correct.
Question Author
I'd have thought it relatively easy for Tinder - Credit Card validation. OK the 'child' may get the credit card but that would just prove that the 'child' was being deceptive if it came to Court.

The problem is there is no way that an individual, male or female, can verify age at all. Unless of course we go the full ID route.
It's already been proved that she was deceptive by claiming to be over 16, young.
In Japan people have to provide credit card details to verify their age on Tinder but so many people don't have credit cards and can't get them.
If such sites were legally required to get credit card verification who would be liable if the database was hacked? Tinder, the government, the credit card companies?

I would be very happy to see compulsory age verification on many websites but can't see it would be practical.

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