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Who Saw The Energy Prices In Europe Rising?

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Stableford | 11:40 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | News
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In Germany, Imported energy cost 129.5% more than in the same month last year, and the prices of energy produced in Germany is up by 68.0% and rising.. Consumers had to pay 22.5% more for household energy and motor fuels than a year ago, according to the German Federal Statistical Office. But someone saw all this coming. In 2018, President Trump went to the UN and put his cards on the table and prophesied exactly what would happen if Germany began to rely on its total energy dependence on Russia. The US media attacked him for criticising the Germans, and German diplomats openly laughed at his comments. I wonder if they are still laughing?



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Jump to 2.19 mins to get Trump's frightening accurate and prophetic forecast. He was smack on.
Trump can do no right on this site.
He wasn’t the only one in fairness.
And Germany is merely the worst of a bad set of cases
'Jump to 2.19 mins'

in what?
Wow, he was bang on the nail there. Europeans will be paying the price of relying on Russia for years to come.
The “stopped clock” principle comes to mind here ..

Many have said similar, although few admittedly on the US side have had the genius to combine it with talking down Nato and calling in question the country’s intelligence services in front of putin
//The “stopped clock” principle comes to mind here .//

Orange man bad comes to mind with that comment.

In your eyes he did nothing right did he?
Ok the contrary he was right twice a day :-)
Well I walked into that one :-)
stopped clock principle

first heard that in the late fifties and computer ( clunk clunk). computer said a stopped clock was more accurate than one losing a second a day because - - -- the stopped one was right twice a day and the second loser, right every 24 000 years

that story was not too rich and embroidered for plain old Ab ws it?
um no
Ab rewriting history again

Trump went to Poland as his first foreign visit - and expected wild applause which ceased as soon as he said

"I am going to strengthen NATO by withdrawing forces from Poland" - roaring from the crowd stopped and I had a "je vous ai compris" moment. Trump was gonna withdraw from Europe

and so boys and girls
restoring history books to what they were

Trump having given Putin a free hand in Europe. ( how many welcome Trump's - "well if the Crimeans speak Russian it must be Russian!" - how many are chortling - oo yeah Trumpie right again foo! - None)

having given Putin a free hand in Europe is in fact railing against the pipeline because - - - it represents lost American sales of LPG

Yes ! that is more like it!
( no one chants - foo yeah all he is saying is " you should be buying American gas" )

and the craperoonie about Trump protecting Europe
( "foo yeah good old Trump and Uncle Sam, they rushed to protect Ukraine!" - - well they didnt did they? Boris did)

dream on ABers !
Can anyone remember the english journalist who heard De gaulle say to the white algerians
'je vous ai compris' - or "I have understood you!"

and the english journo wrote copy that said de Gaulle was gonna leave Algeria - which was spiked as it was obviously Very Wrong. de Gaulle precipitously left Algeria

and the journo was Very Right but unpublished
and dined out forever after on it
Anyone recollect the name?
It's rather difficult to be wrong all the time. When a policy is obviously ridiculous self pride discourages you to let that one go, and be right for once.

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Who Saw The Energy Prices In Europe Rising?

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