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The Perils Of Getting Drunk

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Canary42 | 12:50 Sun 02nd Oct 2022 | News
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One might have thought there would be an obligation to ensure such heavy items were well secured and not possible to pull onto oneself.
It’s a tragic accident, or could it have been prevented ?
As old geezer suggests .
not a lot of detail (probably just as well) but I wonder if it couldn't have happened the same if she'd been sober. Being drunk doesn't give you extra strength to pull furniture down.
If a wardrobe falls on you in a hotel room, it is the hotel's fault for not securing the wardrobe so that it could not fall on anyone.
It is not the fault of the victim that it fell on.
Whether the victim was drunk or sober is not relevant.

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The Perils Of Getting Drunk

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