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Hairstyles And Schools

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Paigntonian | 01:27 Fri 28th Oct 2022 | News
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Number of pupils and their parents whinging about rules on hairstyles. What made me smile was that the Beeb quoted 'Hair Equality Campaigners'.


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this seemed to be specifically aimed at Black children with afro hair, one young girl was interviewed and she said that her hair is difficult to maintain, that her afro grows out quickly and outwards, so was asked by the school to cut it.
i have sympathy for her.
I'll step in for TTT and demand a link to the news item, otherwise he will have no idea what to "debate".
there you go....
I'm sure TTT will appreciate your effort Em.
this may not be up his street.
in other words, he may miss this one,
i watched this on the BBC news last night.
True, it doesn't involve politicians, illegal immigrants and poor people having enough money to be able to operate a motor vehicle.
hair today
gone tomorrow?

could be Johnny
I'm Afronted
How does ones hair affect their ability to learn?
/// How does ones hair affect their ability to learn?///

It teaches them to beware of Control Freaks who reach a position of power.
//How does ones hair affect their ability to learn?//

Well if you were sat behind a 1970's Afro quite a bit I should imagine.

Seriously though, the idea is to make everything uniform and install some degree of smartness so the kids can go out into the world and impress an employer for a job.

I suppose if your a budding Swampy that doesnt matter the State (You and I) will look after you.

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Hairstyles And Schools

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