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Lickspittle Appointed With Zero Authority

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daveinscotland | 17:24 Thu 22nd Dec 2022 | News
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Still can’t launch investigations into ministerial misdeeds though.
Another broken pencil.


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Why do you refer him to a lickspittle? Do you know stuff? If so, please tell so that we may form informed views.
Question Author
Ah, apologies for my faux pas. Please delete. Odd that we made the same Blackadder reference though.

Atheist, if he’s not allowed to investigate ministers foul-ups he’s about as much use as breasts on a snake.
Just another fawner in cabinet.
Dave, you're not allowed to investigate ministers' foul-ups but that doesn't make you a lickspittle. I think you're using the wrong word. Lame-duck?
'A broken pencil', maybe?
Oh god; it's groundhog day! Everything keeps recurring.
Everything keeps recurring.
Question Author
Well the meaning of lickspittle is a fawning subordinate. If he has no powers to investigate, what is he and what’s his purpose? The Nolan Principles are to be followed by ministers.
If they’re not, he can’t look into it.
What’s his purpose?
It's the 'fawning' bit where I think you may be a tad unfair.
Question Author
We’ll have to disagree then. If he’s got no power it’s a vanity appointment, nothing less.
Well done anyway, FatSnackDave, more answers than on the other thread.
Question Author
I did ask for a deletion. But thanks for your continued attention, flattered as ever.
All part of the service.
Rishi Sunak gets an ethics advisor for Christmas.
And finds batteries not included.
Question Author
That’s what I find odd about this site. You’ve joined up with bobbin, two of you scouring AB for when I’ve posted, bless. Form an orderly queue guys but stop fighting over me, I’m spoken for. Be like Tora.
What the hell is an ethics advisor? Is it really necessary?
He's an advisor, he's not supposed to police it.

If for instance the PM wanted to appoint a Russian spy to the house of Lords because he was his mate he would go to his ethics advisor first to check whether it was an ethically sound idea.

It just saves them having to know the rules thoroughly themselves I suppose.
Question Author
From the Institute For Government website.

Various groups, including the Committee on Standards in Public Life[5], the Labour Party[6] and the Institute for Government has called for the independent adviser to be able to initiate his own investigations into potential breaches of the ministerial code, as without this power the role is not sufficiently independent from the prime minister. The Institute has also argued that the adviser should be able to publish the findings of any investigations independently.

When he appointed Lord Geidt the prime minister expressly rejected these recommendations, saying that ‘I cannot and would not wish to abrogate the ultimate responsibility for deciding on an investigation into allegations concerning ministerial misconduct. That vital responsibility is quite properly mine alone’.[7]

In May 2022, prime minister Boris Johnson published an updated ministerial code. [8] On 14 June Geidt appeared before Parliament's Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee. He resigned the following day.
"What the hell is an ethics advisor?"

Thomeone who knows about the county thouth of Thuffolk?
I'm sure that it is "jolly comforting" to know that out friends from beyond the ice wall are "concerned about ensuring that ethics and honesty are standard practice in England. The people of England are themselves concerned ... that he doesn't follow the guidelines used by the "ethics advisers" used in Edinburgh.
Outraged I am, outraged! :-P

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Lickspittle Appointed With Zero Authority

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