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No More Jags For The Government

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daveinscotland | 13:13 Sat 24th Dec 2022 | News
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The ultimate irony for one ABer, another Brexit benefit?!
Any of this dawning on the Arthur Daley’s now? I wonder if the new cars will be fuelled that new energy source aka sovereignty?


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Question Author
*fuelled with
Never ever been benefits from Brexit,dave.Never will be.

The benefit of Brexit is that the UK is no longer a member of the EU. Anything else is just "noise".
The Brexiteers have done more damage to Britain than even Napoleon or Hitler could have achieved,NJ.The company i work with has only just managed to survive.As i said previously-Covid without Brexit would be bad enough,Brexit without Covid would be bad enough,the two them together is bad,bad,badf.Signed Angry from Aberdeen.
You've explained the problems your employer has faced, ynnafymmi. I sympathise but beg you to look at the bigger picture. I'm sure it's all been done to death many times over but the biggest problem with the EU is basically their attitude that members must fall in line with its wishes without question. These wishes often are not in the best interests of the UK, or indeed of many individual members. That would not be so bad if those wishes produced any tangible overall benefits, but very often they do not. It's said that the alternative to EU membership is economic isolation and desolation. That's clearly nonsense (and I could argue until the cows come home on that point) but even if it was true, you don't sell your soul for thirty pieces of silver (or - possibly - a percentage point or two on your GDP).
Jaguar is Indian.

Tata Motors own Jaguar, Land Rover and Daimler.

The biggest British car company is Reliant. It would be fun if Thérèse Coffey turned up in a bullet proof Robin :-)
But,but,but,NJ,being outwith the EU is costing us a lot,lot more than being within the EU.Its not all about money,i know,but it is costing the UK government £40 million more a month being outwith the EU than remaining in the EU.We have went from riches to rags in my opinion.
// The biggest British car company is Reliant. //

Reliant stopped making cars in 2002. a successor company, Reliant Partsworld owns all the tooling and makes genuine spares at their site in Cannock, but they don't make or sell complete vehicles. the former Reliant plant in Tamworth is now a housing estate.
Question Author

Why is there so much of it I wonder?
They might as well travel in British built Nissans. The company who threatened to leave if we dared vote Brexit, and then didn't.
Aye,prepped up with millions of taxpayers money,hopkirk.Without this taxpayers money do you think Nissan would still be there in Sunderland?
doesn't a Jag mean something different north of the border, Dave?
Isn't that true for virtually every car factory everywhere?
@14.42.Not that i know.We always use the term"jab".Unless anyone else knows different.
Question Author
I don’t know, Mushroom.
My name is not actually Dave and I am not Scottish, nor do I reside there.
As I said elsewhere though, I like it when I’m referred to as Dave because I imagine whoever is enquiring as Papa Lazarou.
Errr,so why do you use the name"daveinscotland"?Us real Scots dont like our name taken in vain.
Question Author
I reckon you’re about as Scottish as I am. I gave an explanation elsewhere, go trawling my posts like some have a fascination for on here and it’ll become apparent.

As an aside, I answered your nationalist question yesterday. Could you answer mine about when the IRA/Sinn Fein invaded Scotland and began the genocide you spoke of because I’ve heard no mention of it in the annals of history?
No,you are giving us Scots a bad name.As for your SinnFein/IRA,all i can say is Omagh 1998.You Irish might forget about it,the victims of Irish terrorist fascism wont.
Question Author
I’ve forgotten nothing during 3 tours of Northern Ireland but that aside, I don’t recall it being Scots who suffered the horror of Omagh, any more than it was those who died at Enniskillen either, despite being in Armagh when it actually happened.
With your feigned outrage you appear to have lost sight of who the actual belligerents and innocent victims were so again, tell me when the IRA/Sinn Fein invaded Scotland and initiated the genocide?
Eh?I dont know if you are pro IRA terrorism or anti IRA terrorism,you are speaking in riddles now.I have always made my position clear.I am against Irish nationalist fascist terrorism.I have no more to add.

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No More Jags For The Government

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