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Johnson Tops Poll

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daveinscotland | 12:12 Sun 25th Dec 2022 | News
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As Most Competent PM of 2022.;li=BBoPWjQ
Can you believe that the Torygraph would be crass enough to publish the results of such a poll? Has their editor undergone irony bypass surgery?
Will he get a turkey or a lettuce for being first among equals?


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That reminds me of the poll that had Jeremy Corbyn as the best PM Britain never had (which in a way he was, tho not in the sense Corbyn would have liked to think)
He actually made an acceptance speech :-)
Just as up here in Scotland we would have a poll regarding who was the best first minister of Scotland during 2022.Johnson wins down in England,Sturgeon wins up here in Scotland.The sooner we get rid of both of these nationalists the better.Wouldnt you agree,dave?
The poll was commissioned by GB News, the channel without any viewers, and not the Torygraph, the newspaper without any readers under 65.

Johnson topped the poll of the least worst Prime minister of the year by 4%.
Sturgeon the nationalist,Johnson the nationalist.Who will rid us of these nationalist aerosols,gromit.
Populist leaders such as Putin, Trump, and Johnson have not been having a good time lately. They have all been humiliated recently, which is good news for the world.
Nationalist aerosols like Sturgeon also,gromit.Why did you miss this eejit off your list?
I don’t really have an opinion on Sturgeon or two SNP. Neither affect me. I am in favour of the United Kingdom and against single policy political partys.
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I see the ABer who is about as Scottish as I am is turning the thread onto Wee Jimmy Krankie again. Bless.
Good on you,gromit.Lets make next year the year we can finally bring down nationalists like Sturgeon and her bunch of fascists.Im up for it,are you?
You still here hun?Im up here in Aberdeen as i have been for the past forty years.Where you?

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Johnson Tops Poll

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