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One can only hope it's true.
Aye,cant see it happen any time soon.A wee bit angry with the SNP heidys up here in Scotland,they are complaining about being taken out of the EU against their will,but the figures are-SNP voters who voted for Brexit,29%,Scottish Tory voters who voted for Brexit,27%,Scottish Labour voters who voted for Brexit,19%.Down in England it was the Tories who voted for Brexit,up here in Scotland it was the SNP who voted for Brexit.The SNP,the Brexiteer party up here in Scotland.Bastrads.
Question Author
In case anyone has forgotten.
Aye.Up here in Scotland the SNP Brexiteers deserve all they get.
Question Author
Meanwhile, a Devonian maintains their pathological but inexplicable hatred of Alba.

Meanwhile, the word $h!te warrants a deletion(so I was informed by the Ed) on this site but bastrads doesn’t? Selective modding continues unabated.
Question Author
Are GB News looking to pad out their programme or fill column inches though because it was first mentioned back in June?
Or maybe they’ve updated because Tory ministers are floundering under questions of the ‘immediate’ Brexit benefits and the public have lost patience whilst dining only on sovereignty?
It ain't gonna happen. Just for starters the UK would have to adopt the euro, - no chance.
Question Author
Oh I’m sure they could come to a similar arrangement as before if they really wanted to.
I’m detecting a mood.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Warned me before? You’re breaking your own edict by even responding to me, remember?
-- answer removed --
Thats it then Labour will slaughter the Cons in the G.E ,,Good. Can't wait ......Geronimo
Now there is such a grasp and realism of what the UK population wants - rejoining the this comedy night as laid on by gully? You've made my T&T taste a lot better thought the bubbles are getting up my nose after the laughter....
Question Author
Yet GB News deemed it newsworthy again some 6 months after the initial story? The channel of the Brexiteers, Megxit and flagsh*ggers?
Not flustered in Tufton St are they I wonder?
A bit of fake news from GB News?
Labour would hardly want to alienate potential supporters by bringing anything contentious into their manifesto
Rejoin the EU? that's at odds with what the party leader was saying only 3 weeks ago......

unless, that is, the party are also secretly planning to change their leader?
Question Author
It is Mush, but as the Tories have shown once you’re in power, you can change tack on a whim, can’t you?
// A [unnamed] Labour MP has said the UK rejoining the EU is a conceivable prospect. //

That is desperate. Really grasping at straws. The disinformation is blatant and very telling.
Your own side is in charge and failing dismally, so your only option is to tell lies.
The General Election is 18 months off, but the smell of fear is causing panic.
If you just read the headline you would think Labour was secretly planning to rejoin the EU without so much as a referendum, whereas if you bother to read the piece, it isn't the case at all.
Leaving the EU was a daft act of self-harm, and while there is no prosepct of the UK rejoining for the forseeable future, it plainly makes sense for the main parties to stop beibng afraid to look at it more critically. Labour is still scared to death to even hint at the idea.

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Labour To Rejoin E U Says Shadow Minister

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