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Tory Vote Unravelled In 2022

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daveinscotland | 09:59 Tue 27th Dec 2022 | News
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This is from Sir John Curtice, the one whom everyone political generally puts their faith in when it comes to polls.
Like his soundalike namesake actor from the TV series, is he a Persuader?


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More of a 'social influencer' perhaps - like you. ;o)
// Now only just over 40 per cent of those who voted Leave in 2016 support the Conservatives, well down on the 74 per cent who did so in 2019. In 2019 these voters were won around by a promise to “get Brexit done”. But now that it has been done they, like everyone else, are looking for competent government at home – and have become doubtful that the Conservatives can provide it. //

There it is in a nutshell. Sunak has a lot of work to do, and time is running out.
Question Author
Ah, the usual attack the poster mode but won’t address the OP?
I was right, that funny sound when you were made a Mod really was the sound of the barrel being scraped.
Got any countering data to what Curtice has written?
Try this one instead then.

// More of a 'social influencer' perhaps //


// He serves as president of the British Polling Council, vice-chair of the Economic and Social Data Service's Advisory Committee and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Elections, the Executive Committee of the British Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, and the Policy Advisory Committee of the Institute for Public Policy Research.[2] He was formerly a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study and a member of the steering committee of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Project.

Curtice has frequently appeared on the BBC during broadcast coverage of general elections in the United Kingdom, giving his accurate predictions of the results in 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2017. //
Question Author
Wasting your time Gromit, she doesn’t acknowledge facts, experience, data and expertise.
Careful, dave. That sounds very much like attacking the poster to me.

Gromit, you had to be there.
Question Author
Feel free to use your feigned outrage to delete it then? Just because it sounds like it to you doesn’t mean it is.
Sounds to me like the public now know a car crash happened, Brexit was a lie and is a disaster.
You on the other hand hear the sound of larks in the meadow?
You're mistaken. I'm not outraged - feigned or otherwise - dave.
Poll after poll told us we would vote to remain.
MSM drilled it into us that the remain vote would triumph.

How did that turn out?
Dave @ 09.09 Think she is ....."Oven Ready"
-- answer removed --
The UK is set on course to experience the lowest growth in any major world economy next year.
What happened to the sunny uplands then.
Question Author
And it’s started. Is a YouTube video to the League of Gentlemen with no swearing to be deleted now?
Question Author
Ah, the old ‘Duplicate to take other stories off the leaderboard’ trick again?
\\The UK is set on course to experience the lowest growth in any major world economy next year.
What happened to the sunny uplands then.//

Prove it, where's the link backing up this statement.
We are getting ready to leave the E.U .
Do or Die, come what may said, "Mop head" in 2019.
.........But he never dug the ditch. did he.
But he did do it gulliver.
Good try dave. It does say after being one of the fastest it's just evening things up.
Thought some balance might be good
Question Author
FT have got it too but it’s behind a paywall.
But you get the gist from the headline.

UK's growth prospects worst among top economies, warns OECD
22 Nov 2022

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Tory Vote Unravelled In 2022

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