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daveinscotland | 12:41 Tue 27th Dec 2022 | News
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This time in India.
Still unsure why prominent Russian businessmen have a propensity to criticise Putin, only to take free-fall lessons shortly afterwards?


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flying lessons

unsuccessful flying lessons

Started in 1618 - 2nd defenetration of Prague OK a bit before that then
Now so common that we must be running out of windown to fall out of
yeah they say Jan Masaryk ( I mean this is all a bit stalinist ice-picky (*) stuff innit?)
1948 who fell out of a window of the Hradny Castle was the third

Sqad ( or slag or whatever he calls himself: no I am not trying out the wrong spiteful names pretending I dont know his 'real one': if anyone wishes to refer to me as Peter Big-boy please go ahead) will confirm that he was told:
You cannot call yourself a houseman until your patients have thrown themselves from the windows.
Not sure what the quota was
(*) Stalin went after Trotsky ( basis for Goldstein in the two minutes hate in 1984) wivvan ice pick

incredz got someone else to do it ( spanith, posed as a secretary)1940
clearly a history of defenestration not mimsy enough to day
oops - defenestration off today !

who was it who was whining that there were no news items posted these days ?
o god that should be
no more defenestration !

anyway gives the delete crazy mods something to trim to keep them busy

putin has killed more critics than Plague has claimed over the last 20 y hasnt he?

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