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Republican Caught Out Lying

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daveinscotland | 16:41 Tue 27th Dec 2022 | News
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No, not THAT one…..

Be interesting to see how the Orange Don plays this one.


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Lying,eh?You will know all about that,eh,dave?
It happens alot, both in politics and in work,,,, even on AB sometimes.... .... not sure why people take the risk at senior level as truth come's out usually
Trump would be best keeping out of it.... is there any easy why you think he's going to think about saying anything?
Question Author
Yet the Chatterbankers will still moan about the News section? Oh well.
It's called projecting ynnafymmi. Take their own failings and project them onto someone else, ... anyone else. The grievance hunters are well practised in that deceit.
Question Author
Given that the Simpsons extra was threatening to throw a lot of shade at DeSantis you wonder if he’s(DeSantis) done this now to take the sting out of it? Either way I’m sure the Don will have his people working on it like National Enquirer journalists.
Great credentials to be the President of the US then.
Not sure how DeSantis has come into this as the article is about George Santos.
It is called premature speculation Milos2. The "eager" were always prone to shoot off early ... especially when they were working alone.
I get the idea that George Santos isn't the only one with egg on his face here Dave. I'm sure Ron DeSantis will be delighted if Santos becomes Donny's new target.
is there any easy why you think he's going to think about saying anything?

yeah article in the Times saying he was blaarting like a good 'un - usual, he loves America and his election was stolen
Chatterbank as Moaner-bank - yeah I noticed that as crazed mod deleters go zap zap zap
to make sure everything is gemutlich and mimsy

oh, "worked with" meaning he phoned them up and said Hi buddy
and not 'was employed by them'

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Republican Caught Out Lying

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