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Tampons In Men's Toilets - And The Men Are Revolting

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barry1010 | 16:37 Sun 12th Feb 2023 | News
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My wife is more interested in the fact they are free. She tells me she has never seen female sanitary toilets offered free in public loos and wants to know if they are free in all Welsh facilities


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good point, it does seem a little odd to offer them free to people least likely to use them.
I think they have become free in some public sector establishments and modern thinking companies. Mine started to provide them free about 2 years ago. They just sit gathering dust on a shelf in the ladies.
@16.13.Dont Trans men with penises not also have vaginas?The Isla Bryson case being a case in point.Are you just another transphobe,jno?
Are you just another transphobe,jno?

That's stretching it a bit!
It was a Valentines Day Cheapskate's Special.

"Hello darling, I'm home, here's a little present I picked up for you today".
Stretching what,tilly?You sound as if you are transphobic also.
Jeez. Did that isla person have a penis and a vagina? FGS do we all have to be accused of being transphobe at every corner ynn.....? What do you want to see here in order to drop that accusation?
Question Author
ynna, the first thing a woman must do when she decides to transition to a man is start hormone therapy, which will be taken for life.

This by necessity stops periods. Furthermore, many trans men have opted to have the womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.
Even if they opt to keep them, the surgery to create the penis uses some of the external tissue and if he wants the urethra diverted so he can urinate standing up, tissue is taken from the vagina and the vaginal lining is removed and the opening sewn up.
A trans man is not a hermaphrodite.
Question Author
That Isla person had not had any surgery to transition.
More woke nonsense. I doubt most men would want women, whose brain is 'wired' not to accept reality, to be accessing such a 'male only' personal space.
Question Author
OG, my wife has had to resort to using the men's facilities on occasion and nobody has ever complained. She shouts that she is coming in and averts her eyes from the urinals and never comments on the state of the loos.
When there are very long queues at the ladies and the men's are free flowing it makes sense.
He could always nip into the ladies if a tampon is needed.
Question Author
And I think you've missed the point of the article, the tampons are for women who choose to look, dress and act like men.
British reserve for you.
I don't think I've missed the point at all. I knew that it was for trans women who dress as men.
// my wife has had to resort to using the men's facilities on occasion and nobody has ever complained. // some years ago at Linate airport in Milan, the ladies was flooded and everyone was using the men’s facility. mostly no one batted an eyelid but there was these 2 British city types - one said “are you not worried the girls will see your tackle?” His colleague replied he wasn’t at all worried as “the inch has been revalued against the millimetre….”
Piles of blokes are all for the idea.
Question Author
Hopkirk, my post was meant for OG.
Lots of welsh men have leeks.

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Tampons In Men's Toilets - And The Men Are Revolting

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