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Hard Brexit Is Dead

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Hymie | 21:51 Sun 12th Feb 2023 | News
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The Tory policy of ignoring Europe and the pretence that we have reached the sunny uplands is over – reality is beginning to dawn on our government.



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Have you fell on hard times?
You're helping kill Answerbank... congratulations.
No, Roy. There is nothing wrong with posting about the damage Brexit has done.

As for killing AB. It was that too long a period when we had to put up with rude men competing for the weakest bladder that wounded AB badly.
It's just another vid ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Reality may dawn but acceptance and action will remain hidden.
Question Author
I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall at Sunak’s secret meeting, when business leaders told him what an absolute disaster Brexit is for the UK.
Please ABers stop posting links to 15 minute+ long diatribes from dim nutters that you expect us to watch and agree/disagree with.

Just tell us your view without linking to some self appointed commentators posting link bait to some knôbhead cråp to make money from our viewers.

Khandro take note.
// Nigel Farage, John Redwood and Lord Frost rail against news of senior Tories joining cross-party summit to tackle failings of Brexit.

Prominent Brexit supporters have hit out at senior Conservative figures after the Observer revealed they had taken part in a private cross-party summit entitled: “How can we make Brexit work better with our neighbours in Europe?” //

Do they not want Brexit to work ?
You're helping kill Answerbank... congratulations."

between him and his other unbalanced obsessed twin you're spot on.
But hey for the few moments of joy seeing how wound up the two of them get its worth the seconds wasted on here....
Ive never come across two people so bitter, twisted and obsessed in my whole life...
I was just thinking I wonder what 5C propaganda video hymie will sample today!
Gromit 21:31 deserves BA.
hymie: "The Tory policy of ignoring Europe and the pretence that we have reached the sunny uplands is over" - only Tories wanted Brexit? Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs!
gawd the bloke can't even pronounce the PM's name. He goes on about a "secret" meeting, well it ain't that secret is it me old china! Well unless it's government policy to inform internet obsessives of their "secret!" meetings! PMSL! Seriously Hymie, this guy is doing your cred no favours!
//Seriously Hymie, this guy is doing your cred no favours!//

On top of that, I believe he is causing Hymie undue mental anguish. He clearly cannot handle this bloke's ramblings and in the interests of his health he should stop watching him.

"Documents from the summit describe it as a ‘private discussion’ seeking to answer the question: ‘How can we make Brexit work better with our neighbours in Europe?’.

The fact the above question causes so many people to go into meltdown shows the state we have got ourselves into.
The refusal to blame Brexit - in public - for some of our economic ills is very damaging. Just because some people want to address that does not mean that Brexit is "unravelling".
Question Author
NJ suggests that in the interest of my health I should stop watching this bloke’s ramblings.

Besides reporting the facts of the news story as reported by The Observer, he correctly predicted that the revelation of this secret meeting would cause the Brexit swivel-eyed loons to have a fit – as in this article from the swivel-eyed loons at the Daily Mail.

In his ramblings he also pondered Sunak’s reasoning for inviting Labour MPs to the meeting. I think he gave a considered evaluation of this, in that Sunak knows he may need the support of Labour to defeat the Tory swivel-eyed loons in the House of Commons.

Far from rambling, this youtuber seems to me to be offering reasoned analysis of the political situation in the UK.
I think the "swivel eyed loons" are now on your team hymie.
Hymie: "Besides reporting the facts of the news story as reported by The Observer" - stop it my sides are splitting! The Observer is more left wing than the Guardian!
Hymie, i would listen to what fellow EU supporter Ickeria says. Using emotive terms like "Brexit is unraveling" is counter productive it will put brexiters on the defensive and get in the way of proper debate. Just stop telling brexiters how dumb they were and leave them to work it out for themselfs
Coincidentally, given the timing here, I was browsing the magazine section in WHS today, and spotted one called "The European Conservative". I didn't buy it, although I was a bit amazed that such a magazine existed given that Conservative Boris got Brexit Done.

P.S. For my own satisfaction I googled it :-

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Hard Brexit Is Dead

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