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P M Goals No Score!

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ToraToraTora | 13:29 Wed 22nd Mar 2023 | News
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Once again Sir Beer gets torn a new one! Perhaps they should let the GOAS have a go next week.


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Well she is much more entertaining (especially if she tries a "Sharon Stone" on Rishi) and in addition you do get the feeling she believes what she says rather than the Multimillionaire, Islington dwelling, Champaign socialist/communist.
Suggestive sexist remark, three dog-whistle cliches, and one daft use of the word communist.
Tut, tut.
"Suggestive sexist remark"

cliched woke remark...
Suggestive sexist remark - comparing a female MP to Sharon Stone allegedly flashing on film, in order to belittle her and her actual words.
You call it woke to object to such a tactic. I disagree.
Atheist - would you prefer “the man who is haranguing the Govt over the pension cap increase has a bill specifically naming him having the benefit of a pension cap increase gets torn a new one?”.
Why if Tosa x3 is alway right that the PM wipes the floor with Labour every Wednesday, does Labour have a huge lead in every opinion poll.
Surely if the Tories were slotting in an attrick every week as he suggests, they would be riding sky high, not slumping at the bottom for the last yesr.
All very perplexing ???
Question Author
22:03, because the public are impatient and fickle. They forget what Labour are like, TBF though they have not been in since 1979 so I can understand that. It is well known that the the desire for "change" overrides common sense. Also like you, they disregard things like the multiple crises that have engulfed politics in recent years. Ask yourself what state we'd be in if Abacus and Cobstello had won in 2019.
You attack Abbot for her lack of numeracy, then you state Labour have not been in power for 44 years.
Question Author
REAL Labour have not been in power since 1979. New Labour were Tory lite. Blair was a Thatcherite, end of.
//You attack Abbot for her lack of numeracy, then you state Labour have not been in power for 44 years.//

What has Abbots lack of numerical skills got to do with not being in power for 44 years? Seems a very strange argument.
You are aware of the furore about a year ago re Raynor/Stone Atheist?

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P M Goals No Score!

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