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Clarkson Gutted. Poor Man Discovers He's Not Getting What He Deserves?

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Atheist | 18:58 Mon 03rd Apr 2023 | News
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"i didnt realise there was going to be a season 3 - i thought that given his persona non grata status following his GOT comments there wouldnt be"
i was referring to his recent faux pas when he said that duchess of sussex should be pelted with poo while being paraded naked in the street or some such thing
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bednobs; Was that Clarkson? You've just confirmed that my instinctive dislike of him was well-founded. I hope that there's not too many ABers who will defend him as simply indulging in 'banter'.
I’ll defend him. I won’t defend Meghan though.
Question Author
Naomi; You'll defend Clarkson's disgusting abuse?
It was a joke. A bit over the top but a joke nonetheless.
Disgusting abuse is a very subjective term. I think Meghan's p...take curtsey , freely available on YouTube, was disgusting abuse of the Queen. It's all relative.
Like the link in his OP, atheist hasn’t even read was was said, Prudie. He’s just grabbed something potentially damaging to Clarkson with both hands … again.
"Naomi; You'll defend Clarkson's disgusting abuse?"

You're being ridiculous.

It wasn't "disgusting abuse", it was humorous hyperbole, which is JC's style, and always has been. Do you think he really wanted to throw excrement at Markle?

I have no doubt had, say, Toynbee said something similar you wouldn't be as outraged; you simply don't like Clarkson, which is fair enough, but it wasn't "disgusting abuse", far from it.

Re: Clarkson's farm, the villagers are demonstrating nimbysim, and the local council are being vindictive and pernicious. In one of the shows, where Clarkson was denied building a farm track on his land, he asked Charlie if he had ever heard of such a thing, and the answer was (paraphrasing) "No, they've denied YOU Jeremy", so it's clearly personal.

The lawyer acting on behalf of the villagers (the same lawyer that appeared in one of the shows and was advising JC), put forward an argument, with a straight face presumably, that because of the price of the pats of butter being sold in the farm shop, they were souvenirs!

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Clarkson Gutted. Poor Man Discovers He's Not Getting What He Deserves?

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