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Was The Bbc Chairman Selection Process Rigged?

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barney15c | 18:33 Fri 28th Apr 2023 | News
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As Boris only wanted Sharp in the role of BBC Chair, could those candidates who were interviewed for the job, sue the BBC as the selection process for the post was clearly rigged?


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A link would be nice.
I don’t think I would know enough to say yay or nay even so
'Both the panel and ministers were “disappointed” by the quality of the applicants for the position of BBC chair, with the investigation concluding other candidates may have discouraged others from coming forward due to the perception that Sharp was being lined up for the role.'

Sounds like the others wouldn't have been chosen anyway.
I wish the BBC could institute some meaningful reforms that would justify the licence fee but I think they have become too "entitled".
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The BBC is in a unique and great position to make a big mark on the TV content and streaming market. With the potential to make a lot of money.
The only thing holding them back is interference from politicians, and nepotism over trade experience of appointees.
The BBC could be a global phenomenon, and reap vast profits from oversees sales. As it is, it is held back by amateurs every step of the way.
My son, who had no vaccines, has just had Arcturus, heavy cold with catarrh and conjunctivitis. Lasted about five days. Caught it from one of his children via nursery.
Ooops on wrong thread!
naughty jno - bad puppy

I don’t think I would know enough to say yay or nay even so (itch)

The decision was clearly bad - as he has resigned
but does a bad decision mean it must be rigged
remember, he shd have declared a conflict of interest

the doctors incredz were whining about conflicts 25 y ago.
in which I figure somewhere

I suggest the question is not "should I declare an interest?" but rather - "if I dont declare a fact, and it comes out later, will other people say "oh! oh! that makes it completely different!" ?

this last thing has happened here

when Mandy failed to declare the huge loan by a rich Tory supporter, there wasnt a big poliitical fall out was there?

Peter Mandelson. The creditor was possed that he wasnt invited to Mandy's colourful - - swar-raise !
( sozza a bit of housewife superstar intruding there)
I often feel PP has something meaningful to add.

But unfortunately his contributions are so oblique, they are lost on me. I hardly ever know what he is on about.
But gobbledygook answers count as AB impressions, so keep ‘em coming Peter ;-)
Question Author
What gets me is the BBC is supposed to be impartial but is constantly the subject of political interference , why the pretence?
Does anybody, or a lot of people still pay the obscene BBC TV licence fee/Tax?
PP, in this case the job ad specifically said "You cannot be considered for a public appointment ... if you fail to declare any conflict of interest".

I have this on the authority of Ros Atkins (at 3.55)
If Boris was involved ,then yes.
It was definitely Rigged.
He donated more than £400,000 to the Tory party, and helped arrange an £800,000 loan for Boris Johnson – why in the world would you think that the selection process (which involved Boris Johnson making the appointment) was rigged?
^and why do you think it wasnt rigged?Eejit.
don't leave your sense of irony behind, ynnafymmi

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Was The Bbc Chairman Selection Process Rigged?

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