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Starmer To Take Uk Back Into The Eu Says Lee Anderson.

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Gromit | 18:47 Tue 09th May 2023 | News
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If only. I would vote for a clear commitment like that.
Instead, Starmer is doing the same as Corbyn. Corbyn offered no credible diction yay or nay, and so people could find do reason to vote Labour. The Tories is contrast promised to finish Brexit, and got all the votes.

Starmer is doing the same mistake. No clear policy one way or the other. Which leaves the door open for Anderson to make up a scare story, that will fool only a few Conservative Brexitters

Anderson is idly speculating based on no evidence.


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In case you don't know, I didn't, Lee Anderson MP is Tory vice chairman
rejoining is not an option gromit, even you would baulk at the terms they'd demand to punish us.
it is what Bliar did in 1997
say nothing a nd let the tories implode
Lee Anderson MP is Tory vice chairman

how long he been dat den - - 4 days?
Fabulous - instant election suicide before a vote is cast.
Lee Anderson is a pretty clueless individual
Same as Starmer then..
I just read an Evening Standard piece to get up to speed on our hero.

'A character' is what I think it's called in polite circles.

Seems like a shaved ape in a bad suit.
naomi24 ‘Having a liking for the opposite sex doesn't make a man a dirty disgusting old perve’

Not always, no.

Sorry wrong thread.
Oh I don't know, give it some time.
It would be a ridiculous thing to promise. The so called red wall crumbled and turned blue because they wanted Brexit. If he wants it to go red again he won't be promising to rejoin the EU ant time soon.
// that will fool only a few Conservative Brexitters//

More likely labour 'Brexiteers' surely?

Anderson, being ex-labour does carry a fair bit of weight in the red wall areas despite what the left on here think of him.
If only Starmer would confirm. It'd ensure the present situation was less likely to worsen.
the tories are desperate to fight the brexit battle again because it’s their only hope of winning a majority… starmer would be foolish indeed to give them the chance to do so.

without brexit the tories have literally nothing… and many of them did not really believe in brexit anyway… all they’ve got is hatemongering and cruelty against migrants and trans people

Labour would have to be utterly stupid to give the tories another brexit-focused election!! It’s their wet dream!
I think a lot of potential Labour voters last time were anti EU. That helped Boris get a thumping majority.
Labour knows this which is why they are so terrified of actually stating a policy.
A commitment to rejoin would sink any chance of winning a GE.
Gully is in a minority.

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Starmer To Take Uk Back Into The Eu Says Lee Anderson.

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