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A Few Views/Likes On Youtube......

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mushroom25 | 10:12 Fri 12th May 2023 | News
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would you do something extreme, questionable or illegal to get a few "likes"?


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This video is from a pilot, he breaks down the actions of Jacob and it's pretty obvious that it was a faked crash.
It was a truly idiotic thing to do and he deserves any punishment that he gets.

Certainly not. There are all sorts of strange people in this world.
What's a "like"?
Approval from random people you're never going to meet on the interwebs Judge.
new judge

imagine if every post on AB had a button on it like the 'best answer' one but when you clicked it a little public message appeared on the end of the post to say that you had liked it... that's what a like is

many of your posts would have 'ToraToraTora and x many others liked this post' written underneath them for example...

they are meaningless but along with views are a way to measure how many people look at your posts... and if your reach is big enough then there are ways to make money or get famous using it
actually more like the "report" button rather than the best answer one as it would be on every single post
I don't post on social media at all.
Thanks for the explanation, u/t.

//..and if your reach is big enough then there are ways to make money or get famous using it//

I "like" the sound of that idea! :-)
No, but this is nothing new.

People used to 'video' it and send it to Beagle or whoever for their £250.

The more extreme ones are just thinning out the gene pool aka The Darwin Awards.
Once again, the downside of social media rears its ugly head.

If you put an attention seeking mechanism on front of millions of random strangers, simple odds mean that stupid stuff like this will be the result.

It would be nice to think that a long sentence would be a deterrent, but it won't.
There's something to be said for not being a high flier.
Simple, quick answer - No.
Thoughtful, considered answer - still NO.
I "like" the sound of that idea! :-)

Klute 1967 - whispers into a jarn's ear - I like your mind....
roopower, you posted on social media to tell us you don't post on social media
AB is NOT social media.
How is it not, TTT?
Strangers chat to each other, get support and provide support, argue and bicker, share jokes and news. How is this not social media?

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A Few Views/Likes On Youtube......

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