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The geological surveying mob in Edinburgh report unusual seismic activity in the Aberdeenshire area this morning.
Citizens have been warned to expect an outpouring of bile over a prolonged period.

More news as we get it.
oh you lot are so beastly to politicians
hands in the till again
and then unpleasant laugh from The Usual Suspects

shame on you!

signed - the un-mimsy squad

yeah yeah and you are enjoying and savouring every little disgusting corrupt tit-bit
more shame!
Indeed, Peter.

Whited sepulchre anyone?

This has been a very long time coming, amusing to think of their trips to Tesco or a stroll in the park wearing their cloaks of shame, regardless of what the law says.

No longer can we be lectured by the miniature schoolmarm-in-chief.
Definitely a smoking gun here, the Sturgeons will be lucky if they can stay out of the slammer.
I shall miss her non-sequiturs of AB proportions

'frinstnace - - the price of ( chocco, petrol, seagull, eggs, flour, pick one) has gone up and when we are independent it will be all so, so different
buying a camper campaign van with funds where the finance chief didnt know ( I was one) about it - is er - - remarkable.

My immediate reaction wd be: he bought it - we didnt
Missed one.

Are they now Prime suspects?
the Sturgeons will be lucky if they can stay out of the slammer.

well if he pays, they cd keep out of Barrrrrrrrlunny
even if he used a SNP cheque, he COULD get away with "oops!" if he paid up

even IF they paid later on a receipt of course, if he repaid, then he cd get away with it.....but 'they pay' I cant believe a cheque is made out without the finance officers knowing.

as there is no loss and the appetite of the authorities to prosecute may be - - blunted. ( still a crime)

NOT that I am telling people how to get away with attempted fraud

@08.26.I have got a shedload of popcorn in already,Duggie.
Amazon accounts are irrelevant. I have one myself. They're just a shopping convenience and a sign that the owner is looking to buy things as cheaply as possible, which is sensible.

The question is who pays the bills.
@09.51.The SNP mug members maybe,jno?

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