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If given 6 months in the slammer for a first offence, building up for subsequent offences, maybe it'd stop. There are legitimate ways to protest, and ways that aren't socially acceptable.
they do it to get seen on mass media, id fine them out of house and home or made to work on farms picking as prisons are over crowded.
//Deborah Wilde, 68, a retired teacher from London, //

Say it all . These people are supposed to educate kids about consideration and responsible behaviour. They should be forcibly tattooed with' Socially Undesirable 'on their forehead so they are barred admittance to any venue where reasonable decent people go for their entertainment without being disturbed by criminal ,selfish, thoughtless morons.
I read a full page article on Sunday how the Head green keeper nurtures the grass in Wimbledon all the year around . He must be spitting feathers .
our society's dependence on unsustainable and damaging fossil fuels is all the more reason to protest it

good on them
They’re doing nothing ‘good’ untitled. Their selfish stupidity won’t resolve the problem. It just disrupts lives and costs us more money. Senseless bunch - and that’s being kind.
climate disaster will be a lot more disruptive than this
This won’t resolve the problem. They’re wasting their time - and everyone eise’s.
Question Author
untitled: "climate disaster will be a lot more disruptive than this " - I agree but why disrupt one of the worlds top climate change responders? I'd have more respect if they targeted countries that have the power to make some sort of difference. UK is already doing what it can and even if we got to actual zero, it would make precisely zero difference. So they are disrupting us for no benefit whatsoever. Hence morons, they do not even know the subject they are "protesting" about.
Hmmmm - jso.

That initialism lends itself well to just stomp off ...
‘Stomp’? So polite, choux. ;o)
climate change activists do protest and disrupt countries like india, china, and the USA... often at great personal risk to themselves
//climate disaster will be a lot more disruptive than this//

What fires up your PC or smartphone, untitled, when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow?
an excellent point retrocop... our societies are extremely dependent on fossil fuels to an extent that it is not really possible for individuals to divest themselves of using them... that's why we need urgent action to reduce our dependency on them as much as is possible
If they want publicity, they are getting it. Not a day goes by without a protest somewhere .
About 15 questions all about being punished
sorry ...wrong thread
I was at the Prem final at Twickenham a few weeks ago when these clowns did their pathetic protest, and what the camera didn’t show (I watched the game in the evening on TV, which drives my wife mad “why are watching again”) is that the crowd as one absolutely did not agree with their method of protest.

They do not have the British public on their side with their methods.

They are pathetic.
They’re getting publicity, anneasquith, but not in a good way.
^^^indeed, they’re getting publicity, but entirely the wrong publicity.

Surely to get people on side it’s important to get people to agree with the method of protest, and without a single shadow of a doubt the vast vast majority of people do not agree with their methods, so they are straightaway losing the impact they think they have.

They are narcissists.

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