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Benefit Fraud

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Bobbisox1 | 10:14 Fri 07th Jul 2023 | News
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Has risen to £ 8.6 billion a year, what cab be done to prevent this?
Why not MAKE people take a job on offer after all there are lots of vacancies so we’re told ,I was staggered to learn that people are using fake names to draw benefits ,


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Simple, stop giving out actual cash.
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I know that , you know too Tora so why on earth is it going on?
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I quite like your abbreviations Tora but I confess to not knowing TROB :0(
Sponging off the state has become a career for many. There should be a safety net where people have the basics but that's it. Instead we fund luxuries to the baby factories.
The Right On Brigade - Liberal thinkers that think the world owes everyone a living and that women can have penises etc.
These days poverty means you don't have the latest Iphone or a 60 inch plasma. Benefits are spend on baccy, waccy baccy and booze. Then they go to the food bank and claim they can't afford food.
.....the hand wringers will be along soon...
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I recall a few years ago seeing a documentary where a Romanian guy was coming across here, sighting on and claiming for X amount of ‘fake kids’ then flying back to oversee the building of a large mansion courtesy of the UK tax payer, this was after Tony Blair brought in his open border policy
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* signing on
//what cab be done to prevent this?//

We could start by trying to elect a sensible government.
Vote for the REFORM PARTY at the next election.
A personal beef of mine is over population, both globally as well as in this country. I would limit Child Benefit to a maximum of 3 children with rates of payment descending with each child. I would also return scheme for DHSS to pay rent direct to the landlord if families are struggling
The DWP has a hotline in Spain for expats to report British fraudsters, like this woman.

At least she has paid most of it back, although she is now living off benefits in the UK.
It's amazing how thick people are when it comes to posting stuff of twitface! I personally have nothing to do with it but when it catches tea leaves like this I'm thankful.
The £8.6 billion figure is not only fraud but includes overpayments due to claimant and official errors.

It is also only an estimate since it is based upon a small sample (0.06%) of benefit claimants.
I confess to being a grass - another Spanish expat renting out her council house, getting her free prescriptions posted by her daughter and flying back to the UK for extensive NHS treatment, claiming every UK benefit she could think of.
I'm always amazed what strangers tell me in a pub or lounging by the pool.
Good on you Barry, we need more grasses.
Laxity of purpose encourages diversity of dubious results. Opportunity knocks?

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Benefit Fraud

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