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Decriminalise All Drugs?

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mushroom25 | 13:57 Fri 07th Jul 2023 | News
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the Scottish government wants personal possession and use of all drugs (including class A) to be treated as a healthcare issue rather than a criminal one

notwithstanding recent number decreases, Scotland still has the highest number of recorded drug deaths in all Europe

Drug laws are reserved to Westminster, but Scotland can legislate on healthcare issues.

Is this the right approach? or will it cause more problems than it solves?


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Where the freedom to choose is denied, responsibility is no longer an option.
Zacs - // Probably prattle on about the ‘so’ rule or some other self-invented rubbish. //

Oh dear, something or someone has properly blown your skirts up today!

Have a nice cup of tea and a sit down, all this angst isn't good for you.
No angst here, Andy. Just stating facts gleaned from your past record.
You’re doing a fine job of not responding to me, Andy!
So, here we go again. AH in full last post campaign.
Indeed, even though he stated he wasn’t going to respond to me. I think he’s got a bit of a ‘thing’ for me really.
Reading some of the above people seem to think that if drugs were legal people would all be off their bonce all the time and we'd have everyone taking drugs at work etc. It would just be like booze is now. Most of us don't turn up to work hammered and employers have rules. There will no doubt be an initial surge in usage, then it will be just like alcohol is now. People will take or leave it as to their preference. I agree with AH, there are so many rewards for the country in legalising drugs, sadly it's political suicide.
Drug use is not the issue. We all use drugs whether we choose to recognise it or not. Food is a mind altering substance. The issue is responsible use of drugs which implies rational intelligent decision making. You can no more legislate morality than you can legislate the essential component of morality which is intelligent rational decision making which implies freedom to choose and the education required to make intelligent rational decisions.
No law made by men supersedes natural law upon which all rational laws should be based. Failure to adhere to natural law can only result in the failure of the entire legal system.
‘people seem to think that if drugs were legal people would all be off their bonce all the time and we'd have everyone taking drugs at work etc’

No one has said or even intimated that. What has been said is that access to legalised class A drugs would undoubtedly cause an increase in general drug use. The workplace would not be exempt from this.
ZM: "No one has said or even intimated that"
at 12:07 retro said: "What if a matelot claims it is his legal right now to snort his drug of preference, or a Eurofighter pilot jumping in the seat to soar high as a kite. What if Tessie Typist turns up for work stoned, because she can, and has her position terminated.? "
God help us if they do start retailing such drugs, because they will be packaged up in pretty colored boxes just like the vapes to attract the young.
TTT ... about 2 post in advocated legalising the illegal drugs trade. He suggested that it would kill the drug dealers and their trade. He had the solution but for the wrong reason. If legalised the trade would be subject to tax. The dealer gangs would still exist because they would be cheaper than the legal trade. HMRC would do a better job of identifying and bringing them to book that plod has. Both want their cut and both can't have it.

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Decriminalise All Drugs?

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