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Ten Second Rule?

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mushroom25 | 16:32 Wed 12th Jul 2023 | News
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what is a "grope"? seems in Italy it's an inappropriate contact that has to last more than ten seconds. otherwise it's OK.

or is it?


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I would imagine many Catholic fathers would have a very different interpretation of groping when their young daughters are inappropriately manhandled. A little tickling of the ribcage with a filleting knife no doubt.
The girls used to say, " He has desert disease .... wandering palms".

Not of me of course!
Well it’s not my rule. That judge has to be a man - and a stupid one at that.
A 'grope' can last only a couple of seconds if someone pinches your bottom, or graps your breast. It is still a grope and very upsetting.

Mind you, when I was 18 and some lad pinched my bottom when I was shopping in WH Smith's - he had the worst of it! I whirled round, jabbing at him with my long, pointed umbrella and drove him out of the store, screaming at him the while.
I hope he learned his lesson. :)
Jourdain, I slapped the wrong bloke once. Awful.
You can get a lot of retaliation in in far less than that....
That is a truly shocking decision, that was no accidental, fleeting contact. The man should be in prison
Try counting 10 seconds. That’s no fleeting grope!
How many bunga bunga parties has that judge been to?

What a muppet ...
A typically chauvinistic attitude from a man who should not be in charge of sharpening pencils, much less offering legal rulings in a court of law.

The notion of assault should never be based on some arbitrary timescale of how long an assault actually lasts.

I am not sure that many women have a stop-watch easily to hand in order helpfully to advise a stranger that their legally judged assault time is reaching its limit, and he needs to decide whether or not to curtail his assault or continue and decide that the the pleasure derived makes tipping over the limit an acceptable risk - especially in view of the seriousness with which his local judge appears to view the concept of assault in the first place.
Cultural differences.
Really ? If I holiday there then I must remember to limit it to 9 seconds. Is there a limit to the number of times a day ?
> Cultural differences

It must be. Here in Britain, the ten second rule is about dropping a Scotch egg on the pub floor ...
Question Author
// Here in Britain, the ten second rule is about dropping a Scotch egg on the pub floor ... //

that only works as long as the pub doesn't have a 5 second dog...... :-D
I wonder if the judge was a relative of the accused?
I wonder if the judge in question would be OK with having his nuts fondled by a stranger for ten seconds.

..actually I've just realised how stupid that is. He'd obviously love it.
Especially at Christmas.

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Ten Second Rule?

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